Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 2013 Ipsy Bag

Hey guys! I'm finally able to throw in a beauty related post in the midst of the 30 day blogging challenge I'm participating in! I'll be showing you what I received in this month's Ipsy bag. I'll say now, I feel a bit meh about it.

This month's theme was On The Wild Side, and I think the bag itself is so adorable! I'm usually not a fan of the neon highlighter yellow color, but it fits with the animal print design. Onto the products!

First off, sorry about the weird lighting. It's been gloomy and raining all day and I couldn't get good pictures to save my life. Anyways, the first product I received was the J.Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette. I'll say right now that I'm about 99.9% sure that this will not be used. To me this is something a little kid would play with. Not a fan.

The next product I received is the NYX Mosaic Blush in the color Dare. I was really hoping for one of their regular blushes honestly. I'm glad I didn't get a cream one as it would just slide off my face. I'm still going to try it and see how I like it. I'm just worried that the darker colors will look muddy on me.

Next, I received the Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil. I wasn't really sure what I'd use this for, but I was reading other people's reviews and got some ideas for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes and maybe using it on my waterline. Hopefully it won't smudge!

The next product is from Cailyn Cosmetics and it's their Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner with a built-in brush. The brush is absolutely useless. I tried this out on Sunday when it was my fiance's and my anniversary and I love the purple color I received, but the brush, holy cow does it suck! Now I've mentioned before that I'm not a pro with gel eyeliner, but the brush didn't create an even line and it looked very patchy. I didn't want to fuss with doing it over again, so I tried my best in fixing it. Next time I'll try the eyeliner brush from Sephora I like to use when using gel eyeliner. 

The last product I received is a Starlooks Lip Pencil in the color Bare. I'm not too happy with this product, as I don't use lip liners. It looks like dirt when I swatched it too, but oh well. I'll see if I can use this as something other than lip liner. 

Like I said, I feel meh about this bag. I'm not super unimpressed, but I do hope next month's bag is better. I really like though how Ipsy is trying to tailor bags by the individual person receiving it. It makes it seem more personal. And honestly, for $10 a month, plus tax for some, you really can't beat it. If you're interested in trying Ipsy, here's a referral link to get started! 

If you're subscribed to Ipsy, did you like your bag this month?


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  2. Looks like we got the same stuff. I was not impressed with this bag. So over the blush!

    1. I liked the Be a Bombshell blush a few bags back, but I'm not a fan yet of this. Haven't tried it though, but I may like it when I do try it. Hopefully the next bag is better!

  3. I liked it all. Thanks for the share.

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