Thursday, June 6, 2013

30 Day June Blog Challenge- Day 6: 30 Facts About Me!

1. I feel like I'm the most boring person ever!
2. I have two dogs that live with my parents, and I consider my one dog Emma my baby
3. I loooooove chocolate and I have some form of it everyday
4. I'm a total rocker girl with music and people tell me all the time that I don't look like I would like rock music
5. I left high school early to go to cosmetology school
6. Unfortunately, I was stupid and never got my cosmetology license because I started freaking out about touching people's faces :(
7. I've always loved writing, and now that I have my blog, I feel like I'm starting to do something I've always loved
8. I love bacon
9. Sometimes I feel like people are the most annoying things on the planet 
10. If I could wear pajamas all day, everyday, I totally would!
11. I never used to like makeup when I was younger
12. I'm really good with saving up money, but I sure can spend it too
13. I find that folding laundry is very relaxing to me. Weird, I know
14. I get so scared when I get a haircut, but once it's over with, I end up loving it
15. I absolutely hate talking on the phone, and much prefer texting
16. I used to be called katydid when I was younger
17. People think I have a full name, but it's honestly just Katy. I can take a picture of my birth certificate to prove it
18. My name was originally going to be Jessica Blue but once I was born, my dad said I looked like a Katy Lauren, so that's my name!
19. I have a younger brother, Jeremy, who I feel got the good looks and popularity in the family. Just like my dad
20. I used to have this strange obsession with Pokemon. Still sometimes do...
21. I'm still a big kid at heart
22. Disney movies are some of my favorite movies, and The Little Mermaid is my absolute favorite!
23. I used to want to be an actress when I was little
24. My all-time favorite teacher was my 6th grade teacher, Ms. Sykes. She was the most encouraging and sweetest teacher ever. Unfortunately, the following year when my brother had her, she got Alzheimer's really bad and passed away :(
25. I find it so strange when I see people I went to elementary school with getting engaged, getting married and having kids
26. I count my steps when I'm walking. OCD much?
27. My favorite meal when I eat out is usually chicken alfredo, if they have it of course
28. I used to love video games, but now I think they're stupid
29. I used to weigh 215 pounds in high school. At one point I was down 50 pounds from that, but I've gained some weight back :/
30. I have the bested mommy ever! Total fact :) 

Later tonight when I get home from work I'll be posting a haul! Keep an eye out for it!


  1. Stopping by Paula's Place.
    I thought I was the only boring person ever.
    Enjoyed reading your 30 interesting facts

  2. I used to count my steps when I walked also. I don't find you in the least boring!

    1. Ha! I thought my mom and I were the only ones who counted steps!

  3. Confession time....I too used to count my steps. I'm not sure why, but when you mentioned it it dawned on me that, wait a second....I did that! I'm totally with on the pj's thing. I've often thought about going back to school to become a nurse, just for the scrubs, lol. They frown on teachers wearing scrubs. :-(

    1. Haha I'm so happy I wasn't the only one who counted my steps!

  4. I used to count my steps at work, I'm on my feet constantly and put in lots of miles. Then got a pedometer, but they keep breaking..guess I wear them out. lol I think we all think we're boring, apparently we're not. Enjoy the read. Working hard to catch up on the challenge.

    1. I used to use a pedometer, but they never worked for me so I stopped using them.


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