Saturday, June 22, 2013

30 Day June Blog Challenge- Day 22: How I've Changed in Two Years

Today's post for the blogging challenge is to talk about how you've changed in the past two years.

To be honest, I really don't think I've changed much. Yes, I live on my own with my fiance and we're getting married in a couple months, but I don't feel any more grown up than I did two years ago. I still have the same job and everything. I don't know, this isn't a very interesting post I guess.


  1. Stopping by from super Sunday! I've been married for almost two years and its been the best decision of my life. So happy for you!Hope you have a fabulous Sunday and staying cool :)

  2. Living on your own is a HUGE change!

  3. That's change for sure, moving in with your guy and talk about change...what you have coming in your future that's CHANGE.

    1. And I'm hoping it's positive change!


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