Wednesday, June 26, 2013

30 Day June Blog Challenge- Day 26: Who Attracts Me?

Today's post for the blogging challenge is to talk about what kind of person attracts you.

When I was a teenager, I admit, I was attracted to the bad boy type, even though I knew they were bad news. I was also attracted to the nerdy type too and knew that they would be better for me but of course, the bad boys stood out more.

Once I grew out of the teenage years, I liked nerds. Still do, and I got one in the end! Seriously, my fiance is the biggest nerd I've ever met, but that makes him so darn cute! 

I'm not sure what look I went for when I was younger. I liked a different mix of looks. I think I liked the blonde hair, blue eyes look the most, yet I ended up with a brown haired, brown eyed boy. Growing up, I wasn't too picky. I just wanted to end up with a nice, funny, nerdy boy, and I did, so yay!


  1. My teen years were so very long ago, I'm not sure I want to remember! I ended up with the sweetest hunk of guy, and 35 years later I love him even more than when we were teens.

    Visiting from the Meet and Greet blog hop. What a fun read.

  2. Teen years....back in the dark ages for me, hard to remember lol. Glad you got your man.

    1. Hahaha It's not back in the dark ages!


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