Thursday, August 18, 2016

Review: Dr. Formulas Nexabiotic Advanced Multi-Probiotic

*Disclosure* This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dr. Formulas via Brandbacker. All opinions are 100% honest and my own, like always. Post contains affiliate links. 

Hey guys! I was given the chance to try out these probiotics from Dr. Formulas. Since using these, I have to say, I'm happy with what they've done for me so far!

Here is some info on the product from Amazon:

Why do we need probiotics? Typical modern diets are too sterile and not diverse enough to maintain optimal probiotic levels. Our food supply is now more processed, sterilized, and loaded with more antibiotics than ever before. What are probiotics? In the normal human gut there are over 100 trillion bacteria. As you get older, get stressed, or take antibiotics those normal good-guy bacteria die off. These probiotics do everything from helping to break down food, providing essential nutrients like vitamin K, and keeping the competing bad bacteria at bay. Probiotics supplement the gastrointestinal tract with those known, good, beneficial organisms. Probiotic supplements are one of the most popular health supplements because they actually work to help maintain digestive health. Why Nexabiotic? Nexabiotic has been formulated to cover all bases in terms of probiotics. Nexabiotic provides your digestive tract 23 different kinds of probiotics at a substantial dose (34.5 billion CFUs) which helps restore digestive balance. Not only that but Nexabiotic capsules are also specially engineered so that its high-quality probiotics survive the harsh stomach acid and make it into the gut where they need to be.  

Since becoming pregnant, I've had to be on antibiotics twice so far, and I've had digestion and stomach issues. I always heard that probiotics were good to take, but was wary of taking them. I got the ok to take these, and so far I've been very happy with them! The directions say to take 2 a day, but I take 1. I thought 2 was just too much for me. I haven't had anything that requires me to take antibiotics now, and my stomach problems have lessened quite a bit. Pregnancy just makes my body do weird things, so I don't expect it to be a breeze. These probiotics have helped me feel somewhat more normal.

You can find these probiotics here on Amazon for $23.41 for the 60 count. They also have formulas specifically made for infants and kids!

Have you used any probiotics before?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Top 10 Favorite Drugstore Products

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Hey guys! I don't think I've done a post like this on the blog before, but I wanted to share with you what my favorite products to buy at the drugstore are. The best of the best, in my opinion, and what I can't live without. I have a mix of hair and skincare, but the majority is makeup. 

1. Aquation Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser - I had done a review of this along with a couple other Aquation products, but this cleanser is my favorite out of the bunch. It's amazing at removing makeup at night, it hydrates the skin without making me feel greasy, and it just makes my skin feel so good. I always go in with toner and moisturizer after using this, but I can tell that my skin is absolutely loving this cleanser. 

2. L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation - I had purchased this a while ago after hearing some pretty amazing reviews, but put off trying it for the longest time. I picked up the shade 101 Classic Ivory, which was surprisingly hard for me to find at the time. It's like there wasn't a place in the display for it, but I eventually found it at Walmart. I am beyond impressed with how this foundation applies and how well it keeps my skin shine-free. It sort of reminds me of the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ foundation, but much cheaper. 

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo - If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know how much I adore Batiste. I've tried quite a few of their scents, but the Tropical scent pictured is my ultimate favorite. It smells like coconut and the beach, and it's wonderful. It makes my hair feel so much cleaner when I haven't washed it in 3 days, and never builds up to feeling gross like other dry shampoos can. It's the best and there are usually sales going on, which is when I tend to stock up. 

4. Milani Baked Blush - This is probably no surprise, since everyone talks about Milani Baked Blushes, but these are just fantastic! The shade pictured is called Dolce Pink, and it's my favorite one. I wore it on my wedding day and it gives the prettiest shimmery, healthy pink glow to the skin that I can never get enough of. 

5. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - This is an old favorite that I will always go back to when I use up other powders. I have quite a few powders in my collection, but this is most definitely my all-time favorite. It keeps me shine-free and never looks cakey. I usually pick up the Transparent shade, but they do come in a range of colors. 

6. Colourpop Super Shock Shadows - Now you can only buy these on the Colourpop website, but at only $5 for each eyeshadow, they're such a steal! The shade pictured is called La La and it's a pretty coppery bronze shade that looks gorgeous over the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. If I could buy every shade of these shadows, I totally would. 

7. Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trios - My love for the WnW eyeshadows trios is massive. I don't own too many, but the ones I have are so gorgeous and the shadows are super pigmented. I have to say though, limited edition trios are not as good as the original ones, and I'm not sure why. Pictured is Silent Treatment, and it's my favorite that I own. They make for such a pretty, cool-toned look that I like to wear for date nights. 

8. NYX Butter Glosses - Again, these are old favorites that I typically use when I have no idea what I want to wear on my lips. There's a huge shade selection, but the one pictured is Cupcake, a bright pink shade that's perfect for Summer. These smell like vanilla and I have quite a collection of these in my lip stash. 

9. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer - You all had to have seen this one coming! This is my all-time favorite concealer ever. Seriously, I always want to kick myself for trying something new, and sometimes more expensive, only to find that this one is still way better. I usually get the Brightener shade, but I have used Fair. I think the Brightener shade works so much better at masking my dark circles, and the Fair shade is good for spot concealing around my face. 

10. Covergirl Mascara - I honestly have yet to open this Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara, but I had to picture something in place of my beloved Covergirl The Super Sizer Mascara. I used my one tube up ages ago and haven't repurchased yet, but I miss it terribly. The Super Sizer makes my lashes look fake and I always get complimented when wearing it. It's probably my favorite mascara out of the drugstore that I've ever tried, and I've loved quite a few. 

What are some of your drugstore picks?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Best Mask Ever? Dr. Brandt Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask

*Disclosure* Product mentioned was sent for consideration. All opinions are 100% honest and my own, like always. Post contains affiliate links.

Hi everyone! I was given the chance to try out the Dr. Brandt Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask a little while ago, and I finally have given it a good run. I'm sure you can guess already by the title, but I've been pretty impressed. 

Here is some info on the mask from Sephora: 

What it is:
An in-home, oxygenating and recovery mask designed to boost luminosity and reinvigorate skin in just three minutes.

What it is formulated to do:
This luminizing mask helps lessen the look of fatigued skin. It works to provide tired, dull, lackluster skin with a revitalized, illuminated, and re-energized appearance. It also helps smooth the signs of fine lines. The potent formula was inspired by the most popular facial in Dr. Brandt’s practice and takes just three minutes for full effect.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

Research results:
In a clinical test conducted on 25 volunteers over 2 weeks:
Instant results after the first application:
- 96% reported that skin looks rested and fresh
- 92% reported that skin looks more radiant and luminous

Results after using twice daily for 2 weeks:
- 100% reported that product purifies asphyxiated and fatigued skin
- 100% reported that skin feels supple and smooth
- 96% reported that skin feels more hydrated and clarified

Now, I'm not sure about you, but with a price tag of $70, I wouldn't be using this twice a day. Twice a week, maybe. Now that I've used this quite a few times, I can honestly say that this is probably the best mask I've ever tried! 

Directions say to apply a thin layer to clean skin, leave on 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. It says for best results, use 2-3 times per week.  

The mask starts out as a thin white cream texture, then once applied to the face, it immediately starts foaming up. Usually, masks like this are kinda gimmicky, but this one is truly amazing. After 3-5 minutes of the mask doing its magic, I remove most of the mask with a damp, warm washcloth, then rinse the rest off my face. 

After just one use, I noticed how much softer and brighter my skin was. The mask has kind of a cooling effect to the skin, which for me has been wonderful. We've had insanely hot weather here in Eastern Pennsylvania, so it's been refreshing and relaxing using this after a long day. 

Would I purchase the Oxygen Facial myself in the future? Even though the price is slightly cringe-worthy, I can fully say, yes, I would 100% purchase this myself. I do have a pretty big stock of face masks in my collection, so I'm going to savor every moment I have with this and use it sparingly. Once I use up what I have, I'll be purchasing this again, even though my wallet will hate me. 

Have you used this mask before? What do you think of it?

Monday, August 15, 2016

20 Things That Make Me Happy

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you 50 things that make me happy. I've been having a crummy past few days and need to dig deep and be more positive. So, here are the things that make me happy!

1. My husband - He's always so good to me, even when I'm moody
2. Puppies - Everyone loves cute puppies, right?!
3. Food -  Because pregnancy... enough said
4. My future daughter - I'm happy to have made it over 21 weeks so far and can't wait until we get to meet her!
5. Game of Thrones - David and I are both nerds and can't get enough of the show
6. Decluttering - I think I'm getting into nesting mode and have been cleaning and decluttering a ton to make room for baby girl
7. Clothes that fit - Because again, pregnancy lol
8. My angel baby - If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know I had a miscarriage last year. I'm thankful that he seems to be watching over his little sister, making sure she is happy and healthy
9. Fans - It's been so hot here the past few days (like over 100 degrees hot) and I'm happy that I have fans to keep me cool
10. Bunnies - David's nickname for me is bunny, because bunnies are adorable and fuzzy and I really want one someday, so the name stuck
11. Music - Sometimes, I just like to listen to music to help me feel better. Lately, it's been the newer Sixx AM album, Prayer's for the Damned
12. Quietness - I love my husband dearly, but when he's at work and I have the house to myself, it's nice that it's peaceful and quiet so I can get work done
13. Cooking - I guess this goes hand in hand with food, but I really do enjoy cooking. My dad is a chef, so he taught me to cook at a very young age. My husband appreciates that
14. Fresh air - When it's not so hot outside, I love being able to get out of the house and go for a walk
15. Putting on makeup - I've been putting more of an effort into doing my makeup, and it always makes me feel so pretty and put together (even if I'm just blogging in my jammies)
16. Sleep - I'm now at the point where sleeping is becoming increasingly more difficult due to my back hurting and having to use the bathroom multiple times during the night, so if I get good sleep, I'm always happy
17. Receiving unexpected mail - With blogging comes the occasional PR package. I'm always so incredibly grateful when a package shows up at my door that I wasn't expecting
18. Showers - Right now, I like taking cooler showers due to the heat wave, and it's lovely
19. Haircuts - I gotta admit, it's been well over a year since my last haircut, getting a brand new 'do is such a good feeling
20. Date nights - David and I rarely get a date night, honestly due to time and wanting to save money, so before our daughter arrives, we would like to go on at least one date

What are some things that make you happy?

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Easy, Everyday Makeup Routine

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Hey guys! This post was meant to go up yesterday, but you know, life happens sometimes. Anyway, I'm getting into the habit of doing my makeup more often. Since becoming pregnant, I honestly didn't care one bit about makeup and didn't wear any for the longest time. I wanted to start wearing it again just to help feel more confident, even though I feel like a bloated whale. I have a pretty easy, go-to look when I don't want to really think about what I'm doing, and I wanted to share it with you. 

I usually start off with my eyes, so these are the products I used:

- Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
- Urban Decay Naked2 Basics
- Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow (these are usually in a gift with purchase set)
- Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion
- Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
- Urban Decay Supercurl Mascara

For the face, I went very light since it's so incredibly hot here lately:

- Sonia Kashuk Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in Fair
- Rimmel Match perfection Concealer in Fair


- Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Pin Up Pink

I'm super happy with this look, and yes, there is no blush pictured, because I really didn't think I needed it! One of the perks of pregnancy is the supposed "glow" everyone says you get. I never really noticed a glow until very recently, but I'm not complaining! I also do switch out brands and whatnot, but usually keep the look about the same. I'm a neutral girl to a fault, and I really need to step out of my comfort zone more!

What do you use in your everyday makeup routine?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Review: MAKE Beauty Face Primer & Solstice Bronzer

*Disclosure* Products were provided for review thanks to BrandBacker. All opinions are 100% honest and my own, like always

Hi guys! I had the chance to try out more products from the brand MAKE Beauty, and I was sent their Face Primer with SPF 30 and Solstice Bronzer in shade Warm #1. 

Description of primer from the MAKE website:

Prime your skin for makeup with our light-diffusing SPF 30 formula that corrects imperfections and protects against UV damage. Prep skin with this outstanding corrective base featuring light-diffusing micro-spheres that soften harsh lines and Nylon 12 that smoothes over wrinkles for a flawless complexion. Plus with the addition of squalane a potent protective emollient and broad spectrum SPF 30 to protect against UV damage you’ll be ready to face the day. Velvety finish. For all skin types.

Description of bronzer from the MAKE website:

This light textured bronzer imparts the perfect tanned glow to create an even enhanced skin-tone or a sun-kissed radiance. Four shades merge in a contemporary folk geometric design to achieve a natural bronze effect that adds warmth and glow to every complexion.

The cost of the primer is $32 and the bronzer is $30. 

The primer has a lotion-type feel to it that on my oily skin is a tad bit heavy. I appreciate that it contains SPF 30, as sun protection is key, especially with how hot and sunny the weather has been here lately. It blends into the skin nicely and makeup applies well on top. With how oily my skin is, this isn't the best for me to use right now. I turn into a greasy mess after just an hour or so of wear and it makes my foundation or BB cream look bad. I think if you have dry skin, this will be amazing. However, I will have to wait to get my use out of it in the colder months when my skin is more dry. The scent of this does smell like typical sunblock, in case you were wondering. 

The bronzer is surprisingly nice! It comes in a total of 3 different shades, Warm #1, Warm #2 and Warm #3. The one I have, Warm #1 is for light complexions, which I most definitely have. Even though I'm not really a fan of warm toned bronzers, I can surprisingly make this work on my skin by just blending the heck out of it, and it looks like I actually have gotten some sun. 

If you're interested in trying either of these two products, or anything on their website, you can use the code MAKEBEAUTY25 through 8/15/16 to receive 25% off your order!

Do you have a favorite primer or bronzer? Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Review: Aquation All Day Moisture Care

*Disclosure* Products were provided for review thanks to BrandBacker. All opinions are 100% honest and my own, like always. 

Hey guys! I had the chance to try out a new line of skincare by the brand Aquation. They were very kind and sent three different products to try: the Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser, Daily Moisturizing Lotion, and Moisturizing Cream. 

Here is some info of the line:

There are endless elements that affect your skin daily – not all of them in your control. There is a solution. Skincare that protects, restores and fortifies, with moisture you can feel. Clinically proven results you can see. Moisture balance technology you can count on. The perfect Aquation for hydrated + healthy skin.

Powered by Hydro Balance™ our advanced dual phase technology delivers hydration and creates an invisible barrier to help prevent moisture loss while encapsulated actives penetrate deeply for long-lasting hydration. 100% of women in clinical trials saw more hydrated skin, even up to 24 hours. 93% experienced instant hydration. 93% found non-irritating.

Aquation is sold exclusively at Walmart.

The cleanser is my favorite product out of the three I got to try. Here are the product details:

Gently cleanse away dirt, oil and makeup while infusing moisture—revealing fresh, soft skin. Our formula won’t over dry or strip your skin and is enriched with ceramides and hyaluronic acid to help maintain the skin barrier.  For use on face and body.

This cleanser is fragrance free, non-comedogenic and sells for $8.96.

You only need the tiniest amount of product to cleanse your skin, seriously. A full pump is way too much, so half a pump is all you need. I like using this at night as it really helps to remove makeup well and clean at the same time. After cleansing, my skin feel so hydrated and fresh and I wake up with it feeling super soft. I think this is going to be my go-to drugstore cleanser from now on. 

Here are the product details for the Moisturizing Lotion:

Experience ultimate moisture with Aquation Daily Moisturizing Lotion powered by Hydro Balance. The advanced dual phase formula enhanced with ceramides and hyaluronic acid delivers instant hydration and creates an invisible barrier to stop moisture loss while encapsulated actives penetrate deeply for 24 hours of hydration. The result is noticeably softer, beautifully balanced healthy skin.

This lotion is fragrance free, it instantly hydrates and again sells for $8.96.

I really enjoy this lotion as well. It's a bit too heavy for daytime use right now, but at night it's great! I think this would be an awesome lotion for your body as well if you're not super dry, but still need some kind of moisture. 

Here are product details about the Moisturizing Cream:

Experience ultimate moisture with Aquation Moisturizing Cream powered by Hydro Balance. The advanced dual phase formula enhanced with ceramides and hyaluronic acid delivers instant hydration and creates an invisible barrier to stop moisture loss while encapsulated actives penetrate deeply for 24 hours of hydration. The result is noticeably softer, beautifully balanced healthy skin. (It's the same description as the lotion, which is odd to me)

This cream soothes itch and irritation, softens rough skin and costs $8.96

This cream is super think and hydrating, and it definitely too heavy for me to use on my face. Maybe in the Winter it will be better, but for now, I use this just on my legs as it helps to get rid of the itchy skin I've been having lately. 

Overall, these three products from Aquation are pretty great! They're an incredibly affordable price, don't irritate my skin at all, and can be used on the face or body. Multi-use products are an amazing thing now, especially since I have a baby on the way and I'm trying to simplify my routine. 

You can find more information on this line on their website here

Does this sound like a line you would be interested in?

Monday, August 8, 2016

Pregnancy After A Loss + Gender Reveal!

Hey guys! I have a different kind of post today, and it's something that is pretty personal, but means quite a bit to me. I'm going to be talking about how I'm feeling about being pregnant after my miscarriage last Summer, but ending on a happy note, I'm going to let you all know if we're having a boy or girl in December!

If you're new here, or don't remember from previous mentions, I suffered a missed miscarriage in July last year. We found out July 23rd that our baby no longer had a heartbeat, but my body had yet to expel anything. We were completely devastated, especially since we had already heard a strong heartbeat and got a nice ultrasound picture (which we have held onto and is shown above, and placed in a picture frame that sits on a shelf in our living room. We gave the nickname Peanut, since we didn't know if it was a boy or girl yet). After finding out, I decided I wanted to try and naturally miscarry as I was terrified of having to get surgery. Well, after a couple weeks of nothing happening, and me being so depressed and angry at the world, I had a D&C in August, which is the surgery you get if you have a missed miscarriage, or an incomplete miscarriage. The D&C itself went fine, but I had some complications afterwards that I won't get into.

Fast forward to October after I had started a birth control that my OB had recommended, I ended up in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism (blood clots in my lung). I was still depressed from the miscarriage, then that had to happen. It just seemed like things kept getting worse and worse. I was always sad or angry, and kept asking why something so horrible had to happen. I almost felt like I did something in a past life that was catching up to me. 

Fast forward again to April. After I had the PE, I was put on blood thinners for 6 months to get rid of the clots in my right lung as well as prevent any new ones from forming. I was finished taking the blood thinners by now, and I found out I was pregnant shortly after, like not even a week later. Part of me was excited, then the other part of me was terrified. I had still been on the thinners when I conceived, and the pills I was taking are not recommended for use during pregnancy. Did I do severe damage to my baby? Is it going to die now because of me? I was so scared and cried for days. 

We're now in the beginning of August, and I'm just over 20 weeks along. We've had a couple scares that required emergency room visits, but all is well now. The last 20 weeks have been such a roller coaster of emotions, and although alot of it is probably due to hormones, nothing has prepared me for how I was going to feel being pregnant after a loss. I read so many blogs and different books on how to feel better or get over it, but in all honesty, I will never get over my loss. We would've had a son in February, but the cause of the miscarriage was Down's Syndrome, according to genetic testing I had done after the D&C. My chances of having a living baby with Down's is actually higher now apparently because of that, and I'm still in the process of doing testing to know for sure if my current baby will have it. So far though, all ultrasounds I've had have been great and nothing looks wrong. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a baby with Down's, I just need to know and prepare myself just in case, because I know it will be hard. 

So many people don't understand what I'm going through, because they haven't been through a miscarriage. I get judged all the time for not seeming excited enough and I'm told to just be happy that I'm pregnant again. None of that helps me, if anything it makes any anxiety I have worse. I try my best to keep faith that things will be fine in the end, but I know that there is no safe zone in pregnancy. I've seen women go through losses at 10 weeks like I did, and then there are women who go through a loss at 20 weeks, 30 weeks, even full-term at 40 weeks. It's mind boggling how common miscarriage is, yet it's such a taboo subject. 

Now, with all that being said, My husband and I are very excited that I have made it this far in this current pregnancy. I may not show it outwardly because my heart is still being guarded, but I am excited. I guess you all are dying to know what we're having, unless you already scrolled past everything I just wrote......

WE'RE HAVING A GIRL! I was stunned honestly, because all this time I totally thought it was going to be a boy. My husband and I truly had no preference of boy or girl, we just want a happy, healthy baby. I did cry though finding out, because I always dreamed of having a little girl, but again, after having my loss, it wouldn't have bothered me either way. I can't wait to meet her and see how my big, burly bear of a husband is going to be around a little baby girl. It's probably going to be the cutest thing ever, just saying. We're both so incredibly thankful that things are going well so far, and I truly believe that our son is watching over her in Heaven, making sure his little sister is safe and healthy. 

This wasn't an easy post to write, so I do hope that anyone who reads this, reads it all the way through and gains some perspective on what going through a pregnancy after a loss is like. 

Thank you to everyone who has sent prayers and well wishes our way! Keep sending them that everything keeps going well!

Friday, August 5, 2016

July 2016 Empties

Hey everyone! It's time for yet another empties post, where I share with you all the products I used up the month before. July wasn't so great with using up products, but at least I finished up some things. 

I used up a few different skincare products, and the first one is the Ole Henriksen Balancing Cucumber Face Mist. I used this by spraying some onto a cotton pad and applying it to my face that way. If I sprayed it directly onto my skin, it burned my eyes pretty bad. Despite that, I felt this was a decent toner. It got the job done but it was pretty fragrant. I doubt I'd repurchase. 

I finally managed to use up the StriVectin Repair & Protect Moisturizer. I had done a full review on this here, and I much preferred this in the colder months versus the warmer months. I just had a little left, and even though it made me pretty greasy, I didn't want to wait until Winter again to finish it. This is an ok moisturizer. I found it made my skin a bit itchy though, so I won't purchase myself. 

Next up is the DDF Ultra Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew. I freaking LOVED this stuff! It was a hybrid gel-cream formula that made my skin so silky soft, and it was great on days when I didn't go outside but wanted to hydrate my skin. I may repurchase this once I use up the moisturizers in my stash. 

Last for skincare is the Pur~Lisse Blue Lotus + Seaweed Treatment Sheet Mask. I was honestly pretty impressed with this mask! I've always said in the past that I wasn't a fan of sheet masks, but I think I'm starting to change my tune. I've realized that I need to tone my skin before I apply one and they work so much better. I definitely want to try more sheet masks but ones that are more affordable. 

 I feel like my husband and I go through the Sound Body Dandruff Shampoo fairly quickly. I don't use this often, but my husband washes his hair alot and mainly uses this stuff. Since it's been on the blog often, I won't go into this much, but we both like it and it's pretty much just like Head & Shoulders, just much cheaper at Big Lots. 

I did a review here on this Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and Volumizing Keratin Conditioner duo back in December. For lack of better words, I absolutely loathed these products so much! They did nothing to help my hair and actually made it feel like straw. Even though I was sent these to try, I hate wasting product, so I used these up but hated every second of it. Stay away from these!

Lastly, we have some bodycare. My husband and I both used up the Suave Creamy Cocoa Butter & Shea Body Wash, and I LOVED how this smelled! I just love shea butter in general, but this was amazing, and super inexpensive. I usually buy these at my local Wegmans when they're on sale and if I have a coupon, so I end up only paying about $2 for it. We will repurchase when we use up our massive stash. 

I used up a deluxe sized sample of the Perlier Honey Shower Cream. I have so many deluxe samples of many different products, and I want to get through them. I really enjoyed using this! It smelled a little more flowery than sweet, but it was still nice. I had a whole set of Perlier things sent to me a while ago and still need to use the rest of them up. I don't think I'll repurchase this though. 

Number of products used up: 9
Total for the year: 96

I was so hoping to break 100 products by now! I definitely think my goal of using up 250 products for the year is further out of reach, so now I'm going to aim for 150. I need to make it a priority to do my makeup more and treat my skin better, which will hep me clear out my massive collection. Being pregnant hasn't made it easy, but I'm almost half way through, so I need to get my booty into gear!

What did you use up recently?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July 2016 Favorites

Hey guys! After not doing a favorites post for June I wanted to make it a point to get one up for July. I've started to wear makeup again and taking better care of my skin. I only have a few products to share, so it'll be short and sweet. 

 *Post contains affiliate links*
The first product I have to talk about is by a brand called Aquation. I was kindly sent this Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser, along with a couple other goodies to review and this cleanser has just been so fantastic, I had to talk about it early. I won't get too much into it since I have a review post coming up, but this cleanser removes makeup like a champ, is gentle, and keeps my skin feeling hydrated without being greasy. 

Next up is a product I decided to revisit, the Wet N Wild trio in Walking On Eggshells. I'm trying to make more of an effort to use up products that I've had for a while but rarely used, and this was one of them. I've been so obsessed with the bottom eyelid shade as just an all-over lid color, and it's just stunning. 

My final favorite for July is the Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in the shade 250. The one gripe I have about these is there is no shade name on the packaging, so I have to search it online, and it looks like this one is called Scarlet Twist. This is a gorgeous shade and has just enough pigment to it, yet it's sheer enough to just slap on and go. I adore these balms so much and I'm actually trying to use this up completely as part of a project pan challenge I'm trying out. 

What were some of your favorite products in July?

Monday, August 1, 2016

August Goals

Hey guys! I think I'm going to start August off differently than I usually do. Normally, I would start off with sharing my monthly beauty favorites, but this month, I'd like to share some of my goals that I have. I'm a big fan of the blogger Neely, over at It starts With Coffee, and at the beginning of every month, she states the goals she wants to accomplish, as well as going over the previous month's goals and if she made them. I think that's such a great thing to do, and it'll at least keep me accountable when I share if I made mine or not. So here is what I want to do this month and why:

- Straighten up the bedroom. My husband and I live in a one bedroom condo, and I'm nearly 20 weeks pregnant. We can't afford to move just yet, so we need to make room for baby things and of course the baby has to sleep somewhere. The bedroom needs a good straightening up, so if I can make progress this month, but not finish completely, I'll be proud of myself. 

- Read 1 book. Yes, just one. I used to LOVE reading! It's all I wanted to do as a kid, but as I got older, I stopped. I miss it and there are some good books lately I want to read, but with blogging, YouTube and pregnancy taking over my life, I'll start with 1 and see what happens. 

- Show my husband I appreciate him more. I'm lucky enough to be able to stay home while he goes to work, but it isn't always easy. While I consider blogging my job, it doesn't bring in a whole lot of income (yet). I make enough to maybe pay my cell phone one month, while other months I make nothing at all. Sometimes I get frustrated with life and can take it out on my husband, who works so hard to provide for us. Seriously, the man works 50+ hours in the medical field every week, and it can take a toll on him. I need to take a step back at times and just appreciate all he does for me and our growing family. I love him to death and truly don't know what my life would be like without him. 

- Pick out a baby name. I know this might be a weird goal to have, but this coming Thursday, August 4th is our anatomy scan, and we still don't know if we're having a boy or girl. Once we find out, I would like to crack down and pick a name. It might change, who knows? I know my name was going to be Jessica, and it was switched to Katy right after I came into the world. I'm just a planner and would like to have a name picked out for now. 

- Use up at least 10 beauty products. I had to include something beauty related, since that's mostly what my blog is about! I've been slacking with wearing makeup, and even taking care of my skin. Even though I'm just over 19 weeks pregnant, I'm seriously so exhausted still and occasionally deal with nausea. I was hoping to feel like an Energizer Bunny, but I'm more like a sloth at the moment. Regardless, I want to start feeling pretty again, despite feeling like a fat, bloated whale, so I want to make it a point to do my makeup more and take better care of my skin. 

- Donate clothing/household items to Purple Heart. My family has always donated things to Purple Heart, and once I moved into my own place with my husband, I've continued doing that at least twice a year. I go through clothes that I no longer like or don't fit anymore, get rid of movies, kitchenware, blankets, you name it, and give it to a good cause. I do have some clothing that I can potentially sell, so going through my closet and bins of clothing is a big priority this month. 

I think that's everything I want to try and accomplish in August! For me, I need to do baby steps and take it a little at a time. I don't have the patience, nor the energy to do a full blown cleaning in this house at the moment. Plus, I want to be as stress-free as possible. 

Do you have any goals you want to accomplish?