Sunday, March 31, 2013

200 Follower Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Congrats to Amanda B. for winning my 200 follower giveaway! I've already sent out an email so please respond as quickly as possible with your information and I'll ship out the prizes! Here's a link to the original giveaway post to prove you won!

Congrats again Amanda! :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review: belVita Breakfast Biscuits


Hey everyone! When I received my Sugar N' Spice Influenster VoxBox, I was so excited to see these belVita Breakfast Biscuits in the box! Anytime I get food, I'm a happy girl. I love food. Anyways, I wanted to give you guys a review of these because they were pretty awesome!

This is the package I received in the box. These retail for $3.69 for a box of 5 packets of 4 biscuits. For some reason, I thought the individual biscuits would be smaller so I was very surprised when I opened the package and they were long and oval shaped. They looked like flat cookies. I got the cinnamon Brown Sugar flavor which I'm super happy with because that flavor is delicious! I ate these when I got home from running errands and wanted a snack. Apparently these are a very good source of fiber and B-vitamins and they contain no high fructose corn syrup, which is great, because that stuff is so bad for you. I ate these with a glass of milk and dunked them in the cup like I would a cookie. I even gave my fiance one because he was staring at the package. He loved them too! I might consider buying these in the future because they're very good for on-the-go and they're surprisingly very filling. 

 I posted this picture on Twitter so they know how much I like them! 

Please don't forget to enter my giveaway! There's still 4 more days left to enter!

*Disclaimer: I received the belVita Breakfast Biscuits complimentary from Influenster. All opinions are 100% honest and my own!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Social!

Sunday Social

This is my first time linking up with Sunday Social! I've seen other bloggers post this and I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon! I'm not sure if I'll do every single week's questions, but this week is about Spring, and I love Spring!

1. What is your favorite thing about Spring?
The weather getting warmer, getting the motivation to clean up the house, getting rid of junk, and just being happy again! Winter depresses me.

2. Favorite kind of flowers to give or receive?
None honestly. Flowers make me sneeze, so I tend not to buy any and try to stay away from them!

3. What is your favorite nail polish color?
I bought this Butter London nail polish back in winter called Primrose Hill Picnic, and it's the prettiest pink color that's perfect for spring. Haven't worn it yet, but I probably will be soon!

4. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
That's kinda tough. I'm not the biggest outdoors-y person, but I love going to Peace Valley Park and walking around the lake. The views are so beautiful, and that's also where I'm getting married in September! :)

5. Do you have any fun Spring plans?
Not that I can think of right now. My mom, my aunt and I are getting my wedding and wedding shower together, but I have no trips planned or anything. I work in retail, so I don't really have many weekends off to do things. 

This was pretty fun! I may do next weeks questions as well :)

Review: Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Spray

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be talking about probably my favorite dry shampoo of the moment. This Suave Dry Shampoo Spray has been really good to me so far, so I figured I'd do a review on it!

First off, I'm sorry for the strip of light down the middle of the bottle. I tried taking numerous pictures with and without flash and this was the best one! Anyways, this little baby is pretty awesome. I had used a John Freida dry shampoo ages ago and it did nothing for me, so I gave up until one day I was browsing through the aisles of Walmart and this popped out at me. Suave is generally a good brand for haircare, and this cost me under $3, so I thought, why not? It's only $3 so even if it sucks, it doesn't burn a hole in my pocket. For some reason, I'm the person who has to wash their hair everyday or it gets oily. I know washing your hair everyday isn't good and I've been noticing I get split ends faster if I do wash it everyday, so that's why I bought this. I've been happy with this as it takes away that oily look my hair gets by the second day. I do have one small complaint though, my hair still feels "dirty", even when I use this. It doesn't bother me a whole lot, I mainly wanted to get rid of the oily, greasy look I get and this definitely does the job. Another little complaint is that this stuff doesn't seem to last for very long. Even though I only do a few little sprays, I go through this very quickly. A positive is that it smells very nice! It's a very fresh, clean smell. This is my second bottle, but I still am on the lookout for a dry shampoo that makes my hair look and feel less dirty, and last longer, so if anyone knows of a good one, please let me know!

Also, there are still 6 more days to enter my giveaway, so check it out if you haven't yet!

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Have any of you tried this dry shampoo? Any suggestions for what else I can try?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Influenster Sugar N' Spice Voxbox 2013

I was so excited when I found out I was going to be receiving another voxbox from Influenster! I had previously received the Holiday Voxbox which I liked, but this one is amazing! If you haven't heard of Influenster, basically it's a site that you can only join if you're invited by someone who's already a member or you can request an invite. You then do surveys and quizzes which can make you eligible to receive these voxboxes. I have some invites left if you're interested in trying the site out! Now let's see what I got in this box!

Sorry the picture isn't the best. I had taken it right before I went to bed so I wouldn't forget! Anyways, The first thing I got in the box is the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer Total Moisture. Phew, that's a mouthful! On the card that came in the box it says that this "is a continuous spray lotion that moisturizes and absorbs in seconds, and leaves skin feeling instantly soft- not sticky or greasy." I'm pretty excited to try this out! I could always use a good lotion and I've never tried a spray version before, so we'll see how this works! This retails for $7.99 for a 6.5 ounce can.

The next thing I received is NECTRESSE, which is a 100% natural sweetener. The card says " NECTRESSE sweetener tastes like sugar but has zero calories per serving! 100% natural, NECTRESSE is made primarily from monk fruit combined with other natural sweeteners." I have to admit, I'm a little wary to try this. I'm a typical sugar girl. I've never been one to use artificial sweeteners, so I may have to do a little research before I use this. This retails for $6.99 for a 5.9 ounce container, or $3.99 for a box of 40 packets.

Next, I received Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes. I'm super excited to try these out! I'll probably try these when taking off my makeup at night. The card says "The soothing blend of Witch Hazel and aloe on these facial wipes rejuvenates your skin by gently lifting dirt, oil and impurities from your pores while nourishing even the most sensitive skin. The result is a clean, refreshed and blemish-free complexion even when you're out and about." Seriously, I'm really excited for these! My skin's been going nuts with the weather change so I can't wait to see what these do for my skin. I also got some coupons for Dickinson's products. These retail for $5.99 for a 20-count box.

I then received the Colgate Optic White Regimen, which came with toothpaste, mouthwash, and a toothbrush. The card says " Your Voxbox contains not one, but THREE Colgate Optic White products in a new high impact formula. Use Optic White toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouthwash together for whiter teeth in five days (vs. brushing with an ordinary toothpaste alone). I'm also very excited to try this! The mouthwash and toothpaste look awesome, but the toothbrush I'm a little nervous to use. It's good that it's a soft toothbrush, but I have such sensitive teeth that I need super soft bristles, plus I have a prescription toothpaste that I use at night for sensitivity. I may give it a try, but if it's too harsh on my teeth, I'm giving it to my fiance. The toothpaste retails for $2.99 for a 4 ounce tube, the mouthwash retails for $2.99 for an 8 ounce bottle, and the toothbrush retails for $2.99 per brush.

The last thing I received in my voxbox is the belVita Breakfast Biscuits in the flavor Cinnamon Brown Sugar. The card says "belVita Breakfast Biscuits are made with delicious ingredients and carefully baked to release steady energy that lasts all morning. They are a good source of fiber and B-vitamins, contain no high fructose corn syrup, have 18-20 grams of whole grain per 50 gram serving and taste great- perfect for on-the-go!" I can't wait to try these either! these should be good when I'm in a rush to get somewhere or if I just want something quick without having to cook myself breakfast. These retail for $3.69 for a box of 5 packets of 4 biscuits. 

*DISCLAIMER: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes! Any reviews I do are always 100% honest and my own!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Urban Decay Vice Palette: Look #2

Hey all! Today I'm bringing you a quick post on another look from Urban Decay's Vice Palette. I've absolutely been loving this palette and I'm still so grateful my Dad got it for me! I did my first look and a review of this palette here if you want to take a look at it. There's also pictures closer up of the colors, but I'll be putting swatches of the colors I used in this look at the end of this post! So here's another look I came up with!

So I wanted to do a purple-y look to bring out the little bit of green I have in my eyes and the very first thing I did was prime my eyes with Urban Decay's Primer Potion, like I always do. I then took the color Provocateur and put that all over my lids, just up to the crease. Then I took the color Rapture and put that on the outer third of my lids and blended it into my crease. The last color I took was Vice and I used that as an eyeliner. I'm not the hugest fan of eyeliner pencil, so I feel like I have way more control with shadow as liner. I also used Anonymous as a highlight color and to help clean up any harsh lines. Then I finished off with mascara. (Can't remember which one I used! Sorry!)
I really like how this turned out. The color Rapture is so pretty and it can definitely be used as an all over lid color, not just a crease color. Provocateur can be hard to work with because there's lots of fallout due to it being very glittery. It does blend out nicely if you're willing to get past the fallout and work with it. I love Vice too. I love any purple shadows really. They always make my eyes pop and bring out whatever green I have in them. Some days they're greener than others.

L to R: Provocateur, Rapture, Vice
That's my look! Probably nothing fancy but I'm having fun playing with this palette and putting looks together! Let me know in the comments of you like it and of you'd like to see me use certain colors. 

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I love all of you for reading my blog and supporting me!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Walgreen's Haul!

You all might be wondering again why I have a haul to show you when I'm still on my spending ban. Well, my mom got two free $25 gift cards for transferring a prescription and filling a new one, and she gave them to me! I only used a little over half of one and still have the whole other one to use, which I will save for after my spending ban is over. I didn't think this was cheating since they were gifted to me, so let me show you what I bought!

The first thing I picked up is the Fergie Wet n' Wild Take On The Day Eyeshadow Primer. I'm  pretty excited to try this out! I love my Urban Decay Primer Potion, but it's expensive and this eyeshadow primer was only $4.99, so if this is comparable to the UD one, then I may switch over. I do have other eyeshadow primers to use up, but I may try this soon and switch back and forth from what I'm using to this to be able to use everything up. 

The next product I got is the Wet n' Wild Coverall Pressed Powder in the color Light. This looks like a new product since there's a sticker on it that says new. This was also the lightest shade they had in my Walgreen's but I checked online and they have two shades that are lighter than this is, so I'm a little hesitant to try this because I'm so fair. I may return this since Walgreen's has a good return policy with cosmetics and maybe exchange it for something else.

The last two things I picked up are the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in the colors Black and Nude. I was excited to try the nude pencil because I had read a ton of good reviews on how it's good on the waterline for brightening up your eyes without having the harshness of a white eyeliner. I already tried it and I really liked it! It actually stayed put for most of the day, and that's amazing for me since I have itchy, watery eyes. I haven't tried the black yet, but I'm hoping it's like the Urban Decay eyeliner in Perversion. These pencils were 50% off on sale which is why I picked up two. That brought them down to $2.24 each which isn't too shabby considering the hype around them.

Well that's my little haul for you! I'm thinking more about returning that pressed powder and it kills me because I have never returned any cosmetics ever in my life, so I feel bad. Knowing me, I'll exchange it for the Rimmel Stay Matte which I already know I really like. Gah! This is actually really hard for me! The lady there is nice so I'm sure she'll understand.

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And I did hear about the whole Google Reader thing going away, which could possibly mean that GFC is going away (BOOOOO!!!) so I joined Bloglovin and the link for it is on the top right hand corner of my page if you want to follow me there. 

Thanks for reading everyone!

Friday, March 15, 2013

March 2013 Ipsy Bag

Hey everyone! I know it's been quite a while since I've blogged and I'm so sorry for that. I've been sick and stressed and busy with work and just a whole bunch of stuff. I'm really hoping I can post a few more blogs this month, and today I'll be sharing what I got in this month's Ipsy bag!

The theme of the bag was called The Great Escape which I think was pretty cute considering were going into Spring and it's gonna be vacation time and whatnot. I think this bag is adorable with the anchor print but the bag feels very flimsy and cheap. The products on the other hand, I'm quite pleased with, which means I'm staying subscribed for a little while longer. Lets get into the products I got!

Finally, an Ipsy bag with skincare! I've been waiting for a bag with skincare for a while now, and I'm very happy with the first product, which is the Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist. I can't remember if I've ever tried this toner before, but when I was younger, I used a bunch of Juice Beauty products and was fairly impressed with them. I'm sure this toner will be nice when I want to refresh my skin.

The next product I received is by La Fresh and it's their Makeup Remover Wipes. I'm thinking of saving these for my wedding in September. I'm hoping to go on a little honeymoon for a few days, and these will be perfect since it's the cutest travel size package. 

This next product I was so excited for! It's the GlamRX Mini Freestyle Palette. It's kinda like a ZPalette, which I've been wanting for a while now, but this one is really small. I'm not complaining too much because I don't have many shadows that are only in the pan, but this is also very nice for traveling. I have read that you can't really fit MAC eyeshadows in here. Maybe two or three at most. I only own one MAC eyeshadow but it's still in the original packaging, so it doesn't really bother me. 

The last products I received are two eyeshadows from a brand called yaby. I've never heard of that brand before but I really like these shadows I got. The light color is called Seashell, which I think is going to be a beautiful highlight color, and the darker color is called Azalea Petal. This color, to me, is so beautiful! It's like a purple-y bronze color and I think this will be a nice all over lid color or crease color. 

Well that's everything! I'm so happy I got skincare and I can't wait to try out the eyeshadows!

I also wanted to mention that I extended my 200 follower giveaway another two weeks because not many people have entered, plus it'll probably be easier for me to get to the post office by the end of the month to send it out. So check out my giveaway if you haven't already!

Monday, March 4, 2013

February 2013 Empties!

Hey guys! This month is a sad month for empties. I only used up five products and I also included a product that was so old it didn't even work! Here's what I used up this past month!

The first product I used up is my beloved Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock with SPF 55. I've talked about this sunblock multiple times, but this is probably my absolute favorite sunblock ever. It doesn't make my face greasy and it doesn't break me out. I have plenty of backups of this product too so I won't repurchase right now, but when I run out completely, I definitely will.

Next I used up a mini Philosophy Shower Gel in the Scent Bubbly. It smelled kinda like champagne and it actually took me a while to go through because you don't need alot of product. A little bit goes a long way. I have a ton of Philosophy shower gels in my closet to use up so I won't repurchase for a while.

Then I finally used up the Super Hyper Hydrator with Coconut Water. I've also talked about this before and I used this as my nighttime moisturizer. It really helped when my skin was feeling really dry, which for me is rare because I'm usually an oil slick. This winter season has been particularly rough on my skin so I've definitely been needing something heavier.

I used up a little mini sample of the Tarte Clean Slate Poreless face primer. This was a decent primer, but for some reason, and I don't know if it's just my skin or what, but nothing I've ever tried has prevented my face from becoming oily. Now I did notice that I stayed matte for about 3 to 4 hours before I got shiny, but I'm still looking for something that helps my skin stay matte all day while I'm at work. I'm still searching...

The next product I used up is the on10 Lip Balm in the flavor Black Cherry Seltzer. I'm not sure if I've mentioned these lip balms before, maybe I did once, but I love these. They smell so amazing and they're very moisturizing. They also have an SPF of 15 which is really nice. I have alot of these to use up from kits I bought a while ago, but I don't think they're available to purchase anymore.

Now the last product is the old one. Once I used up the black cherry one, I wanted to use the Vegan Hemp Balm in the Orange flavor but when I tried putting in on my lips, it was so dry and icky! I can't remember when I bought this either so I don't know if it's years and years old or fairly recent. Definitely throwing it out since I couldn't even get any on my fingers to spread around!

That's everything I used up! I'm hoping this month I can use up some more makeup and hair care. I'm always using up tons of skincare and body care and I wanna show some variety once the end of March hits! Lets hope I can do it!