Friday, March 15, 2013

March 2013 Ipsy Bag

Hey everyone! I know it's been quite a while since I've blogged and I'm so sorry for that. I've been sick and stressed and busy with work and just a whole bunch of stuff. I'm really hoping I can post a few more blogs this month, and today I'll be sharing what I got in this month's Ipsy bag!

The theme of the bag was called The Great Escape which I think was pretty cute considering were going into Spring and it's gonna be vacation time and whatnot. I think this bag is adorable with the anchor print but the bag feels very flimsy and cheap. The products on the other hand, I'm quite pleased with, which means I'm staying subscribed for a little while longer. Lets get into the products I got!

Finally, an Ipsy bag with skincare! I've been waiting for a bag with skincare for a while now, and I'm very happy with the first product, which is the Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist. I can't remember if I've ever tried this toner before, but when I was younger, I used a bunch of Juice Beauty products and was fairly impressed with them. I'm sure this toner will be nice when I want to refresh my skin.

The next product I received is by La Fresh and it's their Makeup Remover Wipes. I'm thinking of saving these for my wedding in September. I'm hoping to go on a little honeymoon for a few days, and these will be perfect since it's the cutest travel size package. 

This next product I was so excited for! It's the GlamRX Mini Freestyle Palette. It's kinda like a ZPalette, which I've been wanting for a while now, but this one is really small. I'm not complaining too much because I don't have many shadows that are only in the pan, but this is also very nice for traveling. I have read that you can't really fit MAC eyeshadows in here. Maybe two or three at most. I only own one MAC eyeshadow but it's still in the original packaging, so it doesn't really bother me. 

The last products I received are two eyeshadows from a brand called yaby. I've never heard of that brand before but I really like these shadows I got. The light color is called Seashell, which I think is going to be a beautiful highlight color, and the darker color is called Azalea Petal. This color, to me, is so beautiful! It's like a purple-y bronze color and I think this will be a nice all over lid color or crease color. 

Well that's everything! I'm so happy I got skincare and I can't wait to try out the eyeshadows!

I also wanted to mention that I extended my 200 follower giveaway another two weeks because not many people have entered, plus it'll probably be easier for me to get to the post office by the end of the month to send it out. So check out my giveaway if you haven't already!


  1. I just joined Ipsy after I saw this post - I love trying new products :)

    I wanted to invite you to join our weekly Meet & Greet Blog Hop! It starts Friday nights and runs till the end of Monday. Come link up if you have some time :)

    1. Thanks for following along! I'm very happy with this bag :)

  2. Aww I really like the idea of a bag, instead of a box! I'll need to check it out!

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