Saturday, August 29, 2015

Review: It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ in Fair

Hey everyone! I had purchased the It Cosmetics CC Cream a little while ago, and had wanted to do a review of it earlier, but alot of life stuff happened, so it got pushed back til now. I've given this a good try and I'm finally ready to share my thoughts!

Here is a bit about the product from the Ulta website:

What is it: IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ is your Full Coverage Color Correcting Cream, Anti-Aging Serum, plus Broad Spectrum Physical Only SPF 50+ all in one! Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+ is infused with cutting edge anti-aging technology and is clinically proven to improve skin texture, brightness and increase skin hydration by 79%. This highly pigmented multi-tasking beauty miracle truly covers everything, won't crease or crack in fine lines, and gives you a healthy your skin but better glow. Paraben-free and SPF 50+ UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum, Physical Only, Non-Chemical Sunscreen. The anti-aging hydrating formula is infused with peptides, niacin, algae, vitamins A, C, B, E, hyaluronic acid, and hydrolyzed collagen along with anti-oxidants and exotic natural botanicals for long-term brightening and color-correcting benefits.

The main thing that drew me to this CC cream, is that it contains physical sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens aren't the best for your skin, and at the time of me purchasing this, I was on a major hunt for a physical sunblock. I ended up finding one, but when I was browsing at Ulta, I started looking at this because of all the great reviews I'd heard. After looking at the ingredients, it immediately went in my shopping basket when I saw Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide as the sunscreen. 

I picked up mine in the shade Fair, which is the lightest shade. The unfortunate thing is it only comes in 5 shades, and even though this is the lightest one, it's still not a perfect match (pale girl problems). While I am pretty fair, I have a cool undertone, so I tend to have issues with the lightest foundation shades being a little too yellow for me. The scent of this is nice as well, and doesn't have that icky sunscreen smell. To me, this smells a bit like lavender, but I believe there is something to do with lavender on the ingredient list.

This is my scary, bare face with nothing on it but moisturizer. You can tell that I have dark circles and alot of redness, pretty much all over. Since I have very oily skin, I do also have quite large pores as well. I didn't get a close-up shot, because lets be honest, no one wants to see that!

This is after I applied two pumps of the CC cream with a dampened Beauty Blender, and nothing else on my face. My dark circles are really bad and hereditary, so they're always hard to cover up, but the redness I have is completely covered. That impresses me the most honestly. My skin is ALWAYS red, unless I'm sick, then I look even more pale. While I think the color match isn't terrible, I still feel it looks a bit yellow on my skin, but using the Beauty Blender really helps blend it in nicely. I have not tried applying it any other way, so I can't attest to a brush or fingers being better for application. 

My large pores are covered nicely as well, but as my day goes on, it does tend to settle in them, mainly on the sides of my nose. Otherwise, it lasts for a good 6-8 hours as long as I powder my face. The packaging says the CC cream provides full coverage, but I don't necessarily think it's totally full coverage. When I compare it to Kat Von D's foundation, this is definitely not as full as that is. I'd say this is a buildable medium coverage, but you can get light coverage with just one pump of product.

Overall, I'm pretty darn impressed with the It Cosmetics CC Cream! The size I purchased costs $38 and they do have a travel sized version for $15. I wish they had a bit of a better color selection, like a fair color that's cooler toned *cough,cough*. 

Have you tried the It Cosmetics CC Cream? what are your thoughts on it?

Friday, August 28, 2015

Review: Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume 1 - Nudes

Hi guys! Quite a while ago I purchased the Make Up For Ever Nude Artist Palette, but hadn't gotten the chance to really test it out until recently. I figured I'd let you know my thoughts since it is still available for purchase at Sephora. 

Here is a description of the palette from the Sephora site:

What it is:
A collectible, eye shadow palette with nine must-have Artist Shadow formulas in neutral tones.

What it does:
This palette features the coveted, easy-to-use Artist Shadow formula for endless eye looks—ranging from beautifully natural to highly artistic. With its advanced gel-powder formula blended with ultra-fine pigments, each nude shade leaves a smooth, even finish that leaves lids ultra-saturated with highly blendable, lasting color. The shades are organized in trios so you can effortlessly create chic, natural, and smoky looks. This palette includes an illustrated, step-by-step application techniques by MAKE UP FOR EVER’s founder and creative director, Dany Sanz, to help you sweep on a number of eye-catching looks. 

The palette itself is made of very sturdy cardboard, that is a bit on the heavy side. The design of the palette is very user friendly, has a nice magnetic closure, and a generously sized mirror. The eyeshadows are the exact size of a quarter at 0.06 ounces, and you get 9 neutral colors. 

I'm a neutral girl at heart, so this palette spoke to me. However, I don't really feel that they're anything spectacular color-wise, but they are nice if you're strictly into neutrals. The color numbers are on the back of the palette, but on the Sephora site, you can see the shade names which you will see in swatches below!

I went from left to right from the palette with these swatches, and they are:

- I-528 Pearl
- I-514 Pink Ivory
- ME-512 Golden Beige

- S-556 Taupe Gray
- D-562 Taupe Platinum
- ME-644 Iced Brown

- S-102 Onyx
- I-544 Pink Granite
- D-652 Celestial Earth

The letters correspond to the finish of the shadows. I is iridescent, ME is metallic, S is satin, D is diamond, and M is matte, but there are no matte shades in this palette. The shades Taupe Gray and Onyx don't look like they have a sheen on the eye though, so for me they perform like a matte. If I'm not mistaken, you can find these shades in single pans as well if you only like certain colors. However, those singles are 0.07 ounces, which is insanely close to what these are, and they cost $21 unless you put together a little duo or trio, then the price goes down slightly. This palette costs $42 but has a value of $136. That to me, is really amazing considering you're getting only slightly less product here compared to the single form. 

I really, really like this palette alot! The shades are buttery soft, pigmented and beautiful on the eyes, they blend well, and they last a long time as long as I use a primer (I have oily lids, so keep that in mind). I do like the color selection, but some of them look very similar when swatched, so I wish there was a bit of a different variety. I'm just so impressed with this formula and I recommend getting a palette rather than the single pans because the price difference is insane to me. They have one other palette that has bright shades, which I'm tempted to get, but I know I won't pick it up as much as I would a neutral palette.

Have you tried any MUFE shadows? If so, what do you think of them?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Drugstore Beauty HAUL! Walmart & Dollar Tree

Hey everyone! A few weeks ago after a doctor appointment, I was feeling a little blah, so my husband decided to take me out for lunch before we went about our errands for the day. We stopped at Walmart for some necessities, and the Dollar Tree was a few stores down from where we had lunch. Naturally, I looked at the beauty section in both places and came out with some goodies to share with you guys!

Starting off with Walmart, I decided to pick up the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in the shade 091 Light Ivory. I hear so many people talking about this and how awesome it is for a drugstore foundation. I haven't worn makeup like I normally do lately, so I have yet to try it, but I have a feeling I'll like it. It was so inexpensive too, only about $5 or $6. 

I've been wanting to try the Maybelline Master Conceal Camoflaging Concealer since it came out. I bought mine in the shade 10 Fair, and I think it was the only one that hadn't been tampered with. I don't know what it is about Walmart, but their beauty section always looks a hot mess and tons of products have been broken into. Anyways, sorry for the little rant there. I've heard mixed thoughts on this concealer, and it wasn't too pricey, so I figured I'd give it a try. 

I had also been wanting to try the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara in the color Blackest Black. The other reviews I've heard have been mostly positive, and Maybelline mascaras are probably my favorite in the drugstore. 

Maybelline had my heart this day, and I picked up one of their newer matte lipstick shades in the color Blushing Pout. This is such a pretty nude-y rose color that I think will look really nice with my fair skin and a simple eye look. I LOVE Maybelline's matte lipstick formula as it's not too drying like other ones can be. 

Now for the Dollar Tree! I love that store so freaking much, it's stupid. Anything I think I need, I immediately go there and see if I can find it. Most times, I can, and I feel so proud to have only spent $1. I picked up one of the English Lavender soaps from Yardley. I honestly don't know how much these are normally, but I don't think they're that expensive. I bought this mainly to clean my makeup brushes with, and I can't wait because this soap smells incredible. 

I never really get excited about L.A. Colors, but I saw a bunch of their Color Balms, and I picked the shade Boom, which looks like a bright red in the tube. I don't expect full-on color from this since it is a balm, but I think it might give a light wash and a bit of hydration. 

I got really excited seeing Jelly Belly lip balms, and picked up the scent Bubblegum. The packaging says this is flavored, and I have yet to try this, but I can't wait to test that claim. No, I'm not going to eat this, but when you're wearing a balm or gloss and accidentally get some in your mouth, it's not very pleasant. I feel like a little kid with this balm.  

Lastly, I purchased two brushes. one is the Wet n' Wild Eyeshadow Brush and the other is an ELF Smudge Brush. I haven't used either of these yet, but the ELF brush is already shedding on me, and I have yet to wash it. ELF brushes aren't usually my favorite, but for $1, I don't care too much. The Wet n' Wild brush feels really nice and there is no shedding yet. I'm hoping to like both once they're washed and used a few times. 

Is there anything you've hauled at the drugstore lately?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Review: DanceCrazy Ultra Stretch Strap

*Disclosure* I received this product to review thanks to Tomoson. All opinions are 100% honest and my own, like always!

Hey everyone! This review today might seem kinda strange, but hear me out. I was given the opportunity to try out the DanceCrazy Ultra Stretch Strap, and I'm forever thankful! Read on to see why. 

The DanceCrazy Ultra Stretch Strap is meant as an aid in stretching muscles before or after a workout. It's also good for people who have trouble stretching unassisted. I might have mentioned long ago that I have had back problems. Last Summer I was diagnosed with a herniated disk and had to go through nearly 3 months of physical therapy. During physical therapy when I had to do my stretching exercises, they gave me a strap which I lovingly referred to as a dog leash. I mainly used it as a tool to help stretch out my hamstrings. I always have difficulty stretching out my hamstrings and usually end up hurting my back even more, so using the strap at therapy was a lifesaver. Once I was finished with therapy, I was given a list of exercises and stretches to do in case my back flares up. It was recommended that I get a strap like the one I had been using, but I could never find one. Until now, that is! I was so excited when I got this in the mail because it's pretty much the same exact kind of strap I had used during therapy. I could hear angels sing, that's how happy I was! I can now do my exercises with ease again and not hurt myself. 

What I like a little more about this DanceCrazy strap is that it's a bit longer than the one I used in therapy and it's also softer too, which sounds odd. The one I used in therapy was hard and it hurt my hands alot, but this one doesn't do that. This is a total life saver for me and it only costs $19.95 here on Amazon. If you're like me and have some issues with stretching, get this, like yesterday. I promise you won't regret it!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Review: Life & Food Omega-3 Supreme Fish Oil

*Disclosure* Product provided for review thanks to Tomoson. Any opinions are 100% honest and my own, like always 

Hey everyone! If you read my blog, you know I take vitamins regularly. Fish oil is something I like to take for the health benefits, since my husband hates fish. I had the opportunity to try out the Life & Food fish oil to see what I thought. 

Here is a bit about the product, from Amazon:

Enteric coated with no fish burps, or after taste, our Supreme grade Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement promotes cardiovascular health, joint support, cognitive support, circulation and helps in maintaining cholesterol levels. 

Studies have shown that diets high in Omega-3 fatty acids - EPA and DHA -- may lower a person's health risks. By eating a diet rich in fatty acid containing fish - cold-water swimmers such as pollock, sardines and salmon, can lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. Some studies show there is a proven link that EPA and DHA reduces inflammation from arthritis conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Non-meat sources of Omega-3 include olive oil, walnuts and flaxseed. 

I've mentioned before that I love to eat salmon, which has the health benefits of fish oil, but my husband hates the taste of fish. To get the health benefits I want, I take fish oil supplements. These are pretty good, I must say. I really like them because they're not so large of a gel capsule. Others I have tried are just so big and they're tough to swallow. Not these. You do have to take 2 of these a day, and you get 180 in this bottle. You can find them on the Life & Food site here, but they're also on Amazon as well for a little less money, and they cost about $30 per bottle. Is it any different than other fish oil I've tried? Nah, but it's a good option if you want some of the benefits of eating fish, without actually eating it.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 2015 Ipsy Bag

Hi everyone! I received my Ipsy bag yesterday, and I'm happy for once that it's a bit earlier than previous times. The theme this month is Prep School, since school is starting again soon for alot of people. 

The actual bag is alright. It's got a hounds-tooth pattern, which I'm not a huge fan of. It also feels like it's made of plastic and it has some texture to it as well. 

The first product I received is the Swissco soft Touch Slant Tweezers. Out of all the products they sent out, I got flipping tweezers! The last time I got a Swissco product in an Ipsy bag was December of 2014 and it was an eyelash curler. Didn't need that either. 

The next product is the Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eyeliner Pen. I very rarely wear eyeliner, and if I do, it's usually the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. This eyeliner seems smudgy when I apply it on my hand and rub it after it dries, so I don't have the highest hopes for this. I'll still try it just to see how it works.

Next up we have the Beauty Without Cruelty Leave-in Conditioner. This will definitely be put to use as I haven't done a whole lot with my hair recently, and I can tell it's suffering. I think it smells wonderful too, very herbal scented. I'm a fan of scents like that though, but I can see it being too much for some people. 

Next is the Hikari Lip Gloss in the shade Salsa, which is a classic red. I was hoping I would get the intense red mauve shade called Merlot. I always feel like I can't pull off the classic bright red shades as I need something more cool based for my skintone. I'll give it a go and see if I end up liking it. The only thing that's really turning me off is the scent of this. Right when I take the wand out, the smell of chemicals wafts into my nostrils, and it's not pleasant. 

The last product is the City Color HD Powder. I already have so many powders in my stash, but I'm curious to try this as it promises a matte finish and preventing shine. An oily girl like myself might appreciate something like this, as long as it works!

That's everything I received this month! Overall, I just feel a bit meh about it. I'm not overly excited about anything really, but am curious to try the powder and leave-in conditioner. 

If you want to sign up for Ipsy, you can do so here via my referral link! It only costs $10 a month, plus shipping for some, and you typically get 5 deluxe sized products to try. Occasionally, there will be a full size product too! 

If you're already subscribed, what did you receive this month?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review: Bella Care Oil Blotting Papers

*Disclosure* I received this product for review purposes thanks to Tomoson. All opinions are 100% honest and my own, like always

Hey everyone! I got the chance to try out these Bella Care Oil Blotting Papers, which I'm super thankful for since I'm an oil slick this time of year. Read on to see my thoughts!

Here is some info on the product:

Bella Care Original Unscented Oil Blotting Papers absorb excess oil from the face, minimizing shine and providing easy touch-ups to the face throughout the day! Simply press the sheet to your face with a gentle blotting motion, especially the oily T-zone, and marvel at the amount of oil that is absorbed.

Bella Care Oil Blotting Papers are made of all-natural abaca pulp, with no added chemicals, and their compact size make them easy to tote in your purse, backpack, or evening bag, and store in your car or desk for freshening up while you're on the go.

What I absolutely love about these oil blotting sheets is how big they are. Seriously, these are easily at least twice the size of other blotting sheets I have tried, so they cover a decent amount of surface area on my face. You also get 100 sheets in one package, which I think is pretty darn good. I only need to use 1 per day if I'm out and about doing errands and whatnot. If I'm home, I couldn't really care less what my face looks like. I'm not necessarily sure what abaca pulp is, but these are like any other oil blotting sheet I have tried, and they perform well for me.

The price point of this packet is $5.95 on Amazon, which is a pretty decent price. They do also have a lavender scented pack that costs $7.95. 

Do these blotting sheets sound like something you would try?

Friday, August 7, 2015

Live For A Sunny Day - Wedding Edition

*Disclosure* This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SunTrust Bank. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Tis the season when weddings are abundant, and you may either be getting married yourself, or attending one. Today, I'm bringing you a post in collaboration with SunTrust Bank on how to live for a sunny day, rather than save for a rainy one!

Weddings these days are so darn expensive, and if you're like me, you're frugal and want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your special day. When I was in the planning stages of my wedding, it was pretty overwhelming as I was concerned about money and how much was going to be spent. Luckily for me, I had awesome family members help us in many different ways. 

Budget wise, we didn't really have one, but we did want to keep it as inexpensive as possible. My now husband and I paid for quite a few things, but family members did help us out when needed, which we were incredibly thankful for. We didn't have to take out any loans, but we did use credit cards to help pay for things. If I could give any bit of financial advice, it would be to spend the money on what YOU want, not what others want. It is your wedding after all. 

Now for a few pictures of our wedding:

As our guests arrived, they saw these signs that my father-in-law and his wife made. He's a contractor so these were made from leftover wood from jobs. His wife was always on Pinterest looking up ideas, and she saw signs like this, so they painted the sayings on them. 

All of the flowers came from either a flower farm that's close to my father-in-law, and the potted flowers came from a local farmer's market and they were pretty inexpensive. I loved the flower farm we went to! Basically, they give you a bucket and some scissors and you go around the farm cutting whatever flowers you want and can fit into the bucket. The price depended on the size of the bucket, but it was so much cheaper than going to a florist. Like hundreds of dollars cheaper. The arch we got came from an uncle of mine and we just bought a few things to make it look nice. 

The first picture above shows the gift and favor table. we had made homemade chocolate covered mini pretzels, bought some little mason jars at Walmart to put them in, and gave those out to our guests. The Love box is a box that was purchased at Michael's craft store on clearance, which we used to put all the greeting cards and small gifts in. 

I love the second picture, because a really nice person my dad worked with made this cake for us. I honestly am not sure if he did it for us for free, or if my dad paid him. It was a very nice gesture either way, and it was delicious. The catering containers you also see to the side was something my dad picked up from work. He's a chef in a restaurant, so he was able to cater our wedding for much cheaper than a regular caterer would charge. That gets so expensive, it's pretty crazy! 

There were a few things that were kind of expensive, like the tent, tables and chairs we rented, but we made sure to shop around for the best price. Those items, along with my wedding dress, were the most expensive things. I have to say though, I bought my dress on clearance, but I loved it and only had to shorten it a bit, so it wasn't expensive to alter. It fit perfectly otherwise. 

Now for just a couple cute pictures:

There was so much to do for our little DIY Pinterest picnic wedding, but I wouldn't change it for anything. We had a small wedding, with only about 30 of our closest friends and family, and it was perfect. 

We didn't have a flower girl or ring bearer, but we did have an honorary Flower Puppy! She wore a homemade flower collar that was just precious.
We didn't really need to scrimp on anything either because our situation was a bit different than most people's. I said above my dad is a chef, so he brought the food and cake, we have a friend who was a DJ on the side, so he provided the music, a lovely friend of my mother-in-law does photography as a hobby, and he took so many beautiful pictures and put together a photo album as well for us. 

It's hard to give wedding advice since we are so lucky to have had our friends and family help us out the way they did. I always say to Google everything you can think of, and start planning as early as you can. Once we decided that we wanted an outdoor, small, picnic type wedding, that's when we really did our planning by looking up ideas on Pinterest. Seriously, that website is truly amazing for any kind of DIY wedding. Since I'm not sure what family paid for certain things, I want to say that our wedding cost us no more than $1,500. That's including everything, the stuff we rented, my dress, my husband's clothes, little items here and there, etc. 

Like I said above, we got very lucky and had a lot of things done for us for free. I know not everyone can have that, so always, always, always do your research and look for the best prices.

With SunTrust Bank, they can help you save up for Your Sunny Day, instead of a rainy one, because those are the days that matter the most. Weddings can definitely be stressful at times, but in the end, it's so worth it when you have everyone you love in one place celebrating with you. 
Sunny Days start here. At SunTrust, we have the tools and resources to help you achieve your sunny day. Start here to find out how we can help you enjoy the things that matter most to you.
At SunTrust Bank their purpose is lighting the way to financial well-being. When you feel confident about your money, you can save for your goals and spend knowingly on what matters most to you. They know we all live for the sunny days and want to you help you live yours.
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Visit the SunTrust resource center anytime for help achieving your financial goals.
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SunTrust Bank. The opinions and text are all mine.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ulta & Sephora Haul

Hey everyone! Last week there was a 20% off coupon for Platinum members at Ulta, and right now through August 9th at Sephora, it's Beauty Insider Appreciation Week. I'm a VIB Rouge so we get 4X points, while VIB gets 3X and BI gets 2X. I just wanted to share what I picked up!

Starting off with Ulta, I first picked up the Lorac Pro Matte eye shadow palette. This is fairly new and it came out along with a Shimmer palette as well. The matte shades in this palette are beautiful. I don't have a picture of them right now, but I will do a review of this. The shades are very neutral and perfect for day or night. 

Next up is the Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in the shade 250 Scarlet Twist. This shade was on clearance so it was really inexpensive, and I absolutely love the color. It gives you that look like you just ate a red Popsicle. Really gorgeous and I'm glad I found one that wasn't tampered with!

The last product from Ulta is one of the it Brushes for Ulta from It Cosmetics and it's their 112 Airbrush Precision Shadow. I've already used this, and it doesn't disappoint one bit. I'm in love with the it brushes and want pretty much every one they have. They're not a bad price either, so when Ulta has these 20% off sales, I'm going to treat myself to one. 

Now for the few bits from Sephora. I have heard so many things about the infamous Tangle Teezer and thought it was time to finally try it. It's $20 which seems pretty darn expensive for a hair brush to me. I have already tried it on my dry hair, and it seemed to go well. I'm excited to try it out after I wash my hair, since I've heard it's really good for getting knots and tangles out. I have fine but very tangled hair, so hopefully this lives up to its $20 price tag. 

I was browsing the sale page online, like I normally do, and came across their store brand Blending Eye Shadow brush. I personally can never have enough blending brushes and this was on clearance for $11. I already either have this exact brush in my collection that's a few years old, or something very similar to it, and I love it. Sephora brand brushes are surprisingly pretty good, except for their brushes in holiday sets. I bought a set Christmas of 2014 and I don't like them. The bristles are so scratchy and irritating no matter what I do. 

If you spend $25, there's a coupon code to get a deluxe sample of something that's "on trend" at Sephora right now. I chose the YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer. It's a decent size that seems like it has a good amount of product, but the only issue I have is the scent. It's very floral smelling and a bit overpowering. Oh well, I'll try it out and see how it is.

Is there anything you've picked up recently?

Monday, August 3, 2015

Review: Regenepure Hair Loss and Dandruff Shampoo

*Disclosure* Product was provided for review thanks to Tomoson. All opinions are 100% honest and my own, like always!

Hey everyone! Today' review is on the Regenepure Hair Loss and Dandruff Shampoo.

Here is a bit about the product from Amazon:

The regenepure DR hair loss shampoo helps to tackle hair loss as well as dandruff issues. Our hair loss shampoo is free of harmful chemicals and helps relieve dry, itchy and oily scalps. It helps in repairing hair from the roots and provides the ultimate hair care treatment. Regenepure DR contains ketoconazole, a powerful anti-fungal that is often used for dandruff treatment and help hair regrow. It also makes the hair look and feel thicker. Recent studies have shown to block DHT production, which can curb hair loss and helps to stimulate hair growth in men and women. Apart from ketoconazole, regenepure DR is packed with other beneficial elements, including saw palmetto extract, vitamin B6 and zinc oxide. Niacin, caffeine and linoleic acid, which stimulate the scalp, while emu and jojoba oils keep the skin supple and rejuvenated and help in nourishing the scalp by turning dry and damaged hair into fuller and thicker hair. Continued use will help further hair loss. Safe for daily use, all hair types and both men and women. Product of USA. 

The directions for this shampoo say to wet hair, massage a generous amount into scalp and roots, leave on for 3-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Upon first use, I immediately felt a tingly, cooling sensation. I looked at the ingredients and saw there is menthol and spearmint oil. I absolutely love the feeling! It feels so nice after a long day outside to come home and wash your hair. The bottle also says that you have healthier, fuller results after just one use. I did notice my hair felt softer, but not necessarily healthier or fuller. I will say that it has helped a ton with any dandruff I may have. My scalp is also not as itchy as it normally is. I don't wash my hair that often, so I haven't noticed any of the anti hair loss this shampoo is said to provide. It's a tad bit drying on my hair personally, but if I use a conditioner it's totally fine. For a $25 shampoo, I find that to be a little bit expensive, but I really have been enjoying using this for the minty, tingly feeling it gives.

Does this shampoo seem like something you would try?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 2015 Empties

Hey guys! I'm fairly unhappy with the amount of products I used up (or didn't use up really), but if you read my favorites post where I posted my life update, I didn't really care to do much makeup/skincare wise. I managed to use up a few things, so lets see what I have!

The first used up product is the St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash. I originally bought this for my husband when he was having itchy skin issues, but decided I wanted to try it out for myself because it smelled so good. This stuff is amazing! It feels incredibly hydrating for being such a foamy body wash and it was super inexpensive too. We will definitely be buying this again once the stash is used up. 

Next up is one of the Foaming Hand Soaps from Bath & Body Works in the scent Berry Sangria. This scent is heavenly, but my husband and I both prefer to use the soaps with the scrubby bits in them. I'm slowly trying to use up all the foamy ones I have, but if this scent is still available in the scrubby one, I will buy it again. 

I like taking the Nature Made Fish Oil softgels because my husband isn't a fan of seafood and doesn't really like the smell of it either, so I don't cook it much. To still get the health benefits, I take a fish oil supplement, and this one has DHA in it which is said to help with heart health. I have another bottle of this, but I bought a different brand that I'm currently using. 

These are the last few bits! I used up the three mascaras I had been rotating. Too Face Better Than Sex, Lancome Grandiose, and Urban Decay Supercurl. I loved all these for different reasons. Too Faced is amazing overall, it lengthens and volumizes my lashes like no other mascara has and it's probably my favorite out of these three. Lancome for me is more lengthening than volumizing overall. Urban decay is the one I used if I got some clumps in my lashes because it's incredibly separating. I did also post reviews of the Too Faced mascara here and the Lancome mascara here. Out of these three, I'd probably repurchase Too Faced Better Than Sex.

I finished up a little baby sample of the L'Occitane Shea Hand Cream. This stuff is amazingly hydrating on parched, dry hands. I've been having a dry spell with my hands lately and you only need a tiny bit of this to get the job done, so it lasted a good while. The full size of these hand creams are pretty expensive though, so I probably wouldn't repurchase unless it's in a gift set or something.

The final product I used up is the e.l.f Therapeutic Conditioning Balm in the scent Orange Creme. I featured this in last month's favorites here and I completely fell in love, especially with the scent. The only gripe I had with this is it didn't take long for me to use up. Honestly, I probably used this up in about 3 or so weeks. I do love me some lip balm but I only really used this at night before bed. I think this is only $1 so it's no big deal, but I'd rather use something that will last me a little while. 

What did you use up in July?

Saturday, August 1, 2015

July 2015 Favorites! + A Life Update

Hey everyone! I haven't worn much makeup this month, nor did I really do much with my skin either. I do have a few things to share with you though that I've really been enjoying so far. 

My first favorite is the it Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+. I used this only a handful of times in July, but boy did I love every single time! The very first time I applied it to my skin, I fell in love. I do plan on writing a full review of this, I'm just not sure when I can. I just absolutely love it, it's good with my oily skin, and it didn't break me out. 

Another it Cosmetics product is their No. 105 Airbrush Blending Crease brush. If you want a blending brush that's as soft as baby bunny fur and is one of the most effective blending brushes ever, buy this, like yesterday. I honestly think that this is now my all-time favorite blending brush to apply shadows to the crease or just to blend out harsh lines. It does it all. It's only $14 too, and if you're a lucky Platinum member at Ulta and receive their 20% off coupons, it works on these. I want to now switch out all my blending brushes for this brush, that's how much I love it. 

Next up we have a lip balm from the brand MyChelle, and it's their Love Your Lips Lip Treatment in the scent Black Currant Pomegranate. This smells lovely, feels amazing on the lips, and acts as a great primer for matte lipsticks. This is such a huge container too, and I see it lasting quite a while for me. 

My last favorite of the month is the Colourpop Lippie Stix in the shade Go Fish. I wrote a review of the two Lippie Stix I own here, and I'm a huge fan. For only $5 they're amazing quality. This one is a Hyper Glossy finish, so the wear time isn't the greatest, but I love this vibrant coral red shade. It's perfect for Summer, and has barely left my purse. 

What have you been loving in July? 

*Life Update* If you read my blog on a pretty regular basis, you may remember a few weeks ago I posted that my husband and I were pregnant. I took that post down, because about two weeks later, we unfortunately found out that we are no longer expecting. It came as a pretty big shock to us, and we're still grieving our loss. It's why I haven't really posted anything beauty related on here, because in all honesty, I just haven't cared. It's going to be hard for a little while, so please bear with me as I go through this process. I've been trying to pre-write some posts ahead of time so I can get some content out for you guys, but it's been pretty hard. I love each and every one of my followers and I want to do my best, but right now, I just need some time. I hope you all understand.