Friday, May 27, 2016

Review: When Revitalizing Face Masks

*Disclosure* Products were provided for review thanks to When and BrandBacker. All opinions are 100% honest and my own, like always

Hey guys! You all know how much I love a good face mask, but sheets masks I haven't been very impressed with. I had the chance to try out two from a brand called When.

Here are some product highlights:

When uses an all-natural bio-cellulose sheet that is made from coconuts, which is gentle enough to treat burn patients. Despite its light weight, the bio-cellulose sheet can hold essence 100 times its weight, that is 10 times more than fabric or paper mask sheets. As much essence as it holds, the bio-cellulose sheet delivers essence to skin with minimum wastage by maintaining exceptional dermal contact.

Natural, hydration, adhesion - the elements you demand in a face mask, When has them all at their best.

You can find these masks in many different retailers including Sephora, Ulta, Birchbox online, and Ricky's NYC, and they cost just $7 each. 

The two masks I was sent to try out are called The Last Choice and Snow Magic. The Last Choice is good for dryness, dullness and uneven skintone. Snow Magic is good for dryness, dark spots and uneven skintone, and dullness and uneven texture. 

Remember when I said above that I never really got along with sheet masks? Well, these are kinda the same, but the way they make my skin feel is nice. I always have issues with how sheet masks fit and they just don't seem to do much for my skin. These are good though, especially for such a low price. I'd definitely be willing to try out different sheet masks from the When brand, as there are some decent reviews on the Sephora site for others I'm interested in. Be wary though if you're allergic to coconut, since these are made from coconut. I'm hearing so many people are allergic to coconuts lately, and it's in everything these days. Just a warning!

You can find more information on the When face masks here on their website, or you can just search them online!

What are some of your favorite sheet masks?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Review: derma e Psorzema Creme

*Disclosure* This post is sponsored thanks to derma e and Brandbacker. All opinions are 100% honest and my own, like always

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be sharing with you a product that is absolutely incredible for helping with eczema, psoriasis, or just really dry, flaky and itchy skin. I had the chance to try out the derma e Psorzema Creme, and let me tell you, it's fantastic!

First off, here is derma e's backstory of Plant Powered “Non-Prescriptions”:

If you’re living with eczema or psoriasis, you know how painful, frustrating, and even embarrassing it can be. Recurring patches of dry, red, itchy, flaky, irritated skin can make you want to hide.

You may have turned to prescription treatments or over-the-counter products only to be dissatisfied with the results, or the fact that they contain ingredients like steroids, coal tars or pine tars. The good news is that we’ve formulated something incredibly effective, and so safe that the entire family could use it.

derma e Psorzema® Crème
is made with a safe and effective blend of herbal extracts and skin vitamins such as Neem, Burdock, Bearberry, Vitamins A and E to help soften and soothe dry, irritated, scaling skin. It’s natural blend of ingredients help reduce redness and encourage healthy looking skin without the use of steroids, coal tar or pine tar.

The results
Aside from experiencing eczema and psoriasis symptom relief, participants were pleased with the overall feel and look of their skin.
• 96% felt very moisturizing
• 92% felt soothing upon application
• 88% helped skin look healthier
• 72% helped relieve itching 

For me, I do not have psoriasis and I feel for anyone who does, because I can tell it just looks so painful and irritating. There are times throughout the year where I get eczema, and it makes my skin feel so dry and itchy, and I go through so many different lotions and creams, hoping it'll provide me with relief. I tend to have eczema flare-ups on my arms in the Winter, and then again in Spring when the weather doesn't know if it wants to be warm or cold. Lately, it's been raining pretty much for 2 weeks straight and it's colder than normal, so of course it's making my skin freak out. I couldn't wait to give this a go and see how it worked for me. 

The product comes in a 4 ounce jar with a twist off lid. The cream is thick and white, but it melts into the skin perfectly and doesn't leave a greasy residue. The blend of different vitamins in this product help to soothe and soften my skin almost instantly. There is no distinguishable scent that I can tell, and it's not overpowering at all. 

derma e has a video on YouTube, which you can watch here, to learn more about this product and you can see results that others have experienced.  

If you have any of these skin issues, I do recommend giving this product a try. It's helped out my skin and has made it feel softer and less flaky and itchy. 

derma e does have a disclaimer on their site that states: "Psoriasis and Eczema usually have an internal component that needs to be addressed in order to resolve the condition completely. We highly recommend you work with a natural healthcare practitioner to help resolve this condition. There are many types of skin conditions, and what works for one individual may not work for others."

You can find Psorzema at health food stores as well as the derma e website for $19.95.  

What do you think of this product? 

Monday, May 16, 2016

May 2016 Ipsy Bag: Destination Chic

Hey guys! It's time again for another post on what I got in this month's Ipsy bag. The theme this month is called Destination Chic, which makes it sound like the products are good for travel. 

The bag everything comes in is cute with the print of all different parts of the world, but it's a very cheap vinyl feel. The snap closure is a nice change from the zippered bags they usually provide. 

The first product I got is from Pacifica, and it's their Natural Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow Trio, and it comes with the shades Skinny Dip, Crush and Lovely. I have yet to swatch these shadows, but if they're like other Pacifica shadows I've tried in the past, then I won't really care for them. The shades themselves are very pretty though, but very Fall-like. 

Next up is the Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask. This is a brand I've seen at Ulta and have been curious about for a while, but never had the chance to try. You all know my love for face masks, so I was thrilled to have received this. It's been a whie since Ipsy has sent a face mask in my bag! There are a few ingredients in this that I need to research, because I'm staying away from certain ones right now, but if this gets the go-ahead to use, then I'll be using it!

I can't tell you how excited I was when I finally stopped receiving nail polishes in my Ipsy bags. I'd purposely give them bad reviews, and specifically have stated that I do not want nail polish. Well imagine my surprise when I saw I would be getting the Aurora Gel Effect Nail Polish in the shade Old School Pink. I can't say I hate the color, because I love hot pink, but I'm very disappointed in getting this when I know it's just going to sit around and collect dust. 

You all know how much I'm obsessed with lip balms. I was ecstatic to see that I would be receiving the Hanalei Lip Treatment, even though I have never heard of the brand, until I looked at the ingredients. The very first ingredient is Lanolin. If you saw my most recent empties post, you know I got rid of the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask due to an allergic reaction to the Lanolin in the product. I don't know now whether I should try this and see what it does to me, or just give it away to a friend. Either way, I'm sad I most likely will not be able to use this.

The last product I received is the Smashbox X-Rated Mascara. I feel like this is a newer mascara for the brand, but I've never tried it. To be honest, I have so many small samples, as well as full sized mascaras to use up, that I probably won't be using this for quite a while. Mascara is one of my favorite makeup products to use, so I'm sure it'll get used eventually. 

That's everything I got in this month's bag, and unfortunately, I've also decided that this will be my last Ipsy bag. I haven't been blown away by an Ipsy bag in a very long time, and with all the different products I have in my stash, it just doesn't seem worth it to me anymore. I loved my time with Ipsy, and I might even go back in the future, but I feel that now is a good time to cancel. Sorry to all of you who enjoyed reading my Ipsy posts!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Review: InstaNatural Argan oil Thermal Protector Spray

*Disclosure* I received this product complimentary for review thanks to Tomoson. All opinions are 100% honest and my own, like always!

Hey guys! I've talked about the brand InstaNatural a few times here on the blog, and have been pretty impressed with what I've tried. I don't usually do my hair too often or use heat on it, but I was in the market for a new heat protecting spray. I was so excited when this was sent to me and I couldn't wait to try it out. 

Here is some info of the product from Amazon:

InstaNatural's Argan Oil Thermal Protector Spray is the ultimate heat-protecting leave-in spray for softer, silkier and shinier hair. This specially crafted formula is enriched with premium ingredients such as Organic Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin B5 and Sunflower Seed Oil to deliver deluxe nourishment to the hair. For a lush salon-like hairstyle you'll love, our Argan Oil Thermal Protector Spray is the perfect addition to your daily beauty routine.

- Prevents hair from becoming dull, dry and damaged
- Fortifies hair in the hot and humid temperatures
- Restores natural softness and shine
- Can undo damage done by flat irons, blow-dryers and more
- Packed with natural vitamins and oils for ultimate nourishment

After using this, I do notice that my hair is alot softer and more shiny, while really protecting it from the heat of my flat iron. It smells really nice too, a bit floral-y but not bad at all. You all know how much I hate floral smelling products. 

The spray nozzle is a bit wonky and doesn't always spray evenly, but I can still work with it fine. I just really like how my hair feels and looks after using this. Some sprays I've tried have left my hair feeling a bit crunchy, but this one just makes it feel super soft. 

This product is a bit pricey at $13.95, here on Amazon, but I do feel it's worth the price. You definitely don't need to spray a ton in your hair to get the job done, but keep in mind that my hair is pretty fine, and I have trouble in general finding products that don't weigh it down. 

What are some heat protectors you enjoy?

April 2016 Empties

Hi everyone! It's time again to share with you the products I used up for the month of April. I feel like I didn't do very well, and have plenty of products on their last legs that could've gotten used up earlier, but I haven't been wearing much makeup, or even taking that great care of my skin lately. 

I'll start off with a few skincare bits. Of course it wouldn't be an empties here without a bottle of The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner. You all know how much I love this stuff, but the price of it has gone up so much in the last few years, that I'm actually considering trying something else once I use up what's in my stash. 

Next up is the Radha Beauty Miracle Retinol Moisturizer. Not quite sure how this is a miracle, since it dried out my skin and didn't do much for me. I always had to put another moisturizer on top of this because it gave no hydration whatsoever. 

I'm not sure if I mentioned it here or not, but I used to really love the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. It moisturized my lips like no other and kept them soft and supple without having to reapply. I put it away for a while and came back to it again sometime last month. However, it started making my lips go completely numb about 10-15 minutes after applying it, and it wouldn't go away. It was so bizarre, and then I finally realized that the first ingredient is Lanolin, which is derived from wool. Wool makes me breakout in hives, so I figured I had an allergic reaction to this lip mask. In the trash it goes, because I'm not chancing something more serious happening. 

I had the biggest gripe with the Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator when I first received it in a previous Ipsy bag. The container wasn't even a quarter of the way filled with product and I thought I'd hardly get any use from it. Well, I did end up getting quite a few uses out of this and I'm very pleased with how well this works. It just makes my skin so dang soft and beautiful. I doubt I'd buy a full size, but this was nice while it lasted. 

Lastly for skincare, I have two deluxe sized samples of Ole Henriksen products. One is the Truth Serum Collagen Booster, which was freaking fantastic and is probably one of the best serums I've tried. The second is the Invigorating Night Gel, which I didn't care for. It did make my skin feel better, but also stung quite a bit upon application and I didn't like that, so in the trash it goes. 

Next up is a bit of makeup and a random product. I used up two of my all-time favorite mascaras, Tarte Gifted and Covergirl The Super Sizer. These two are probably my picks for favorite high-end (along with Too Faced Better Than Sex) and low-end. Once I use up what I have in my collection, I will be purchasing these two again!

I decided to just get rid of the Be A Bombshell Lip Balm in French Kiss. This felt very dried out and the color is a baby pink that looks awful on the lips. I already have so many lip balms to go through, so this won't be missed. 

Lastly is the Berry Twinkle Pocket Bac from Bath & Body Works. I loved this while I had it, and one day I found it hiding in a purse and it smelled awful and was incredibly runny. I dumped out what was left in the trash, which wasn't alot really, so now I can use a different one. 

Lastly, I have some random bath, body and health care stuff to share. My husband and I both used up the Sound Body Dandruff Shampoo. I get these bottles at Big Lots for just a few dollars and it's exactly like Head & Shoulders, just much less expensive. We already have another in our shower. 

You all know I have to use sensitive toothpaste due to my incredibly sensitive teeth and gums. This is the Topcare (Wegmans store brand) Extra Whitening Sensitive Toothpaste, and I don't really care for this much. I don't notice any difference in sensitivity and the taste is a little odd as well. 

I finally used up the Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin foaming hand soap that's been in our bathroom for ages. I love these hand soaps, but they're really expensive even when there's a sale, so once I go through my stash, I'll look elsewhere for less expensive soaps. 

And lastly we have the final Bath & Body Works Shower Gel I had in my stash, which was Orange Sapphire. While this one smelled amazing, it did nothing for me. These shower gels make me itch and make my skin super dry. Plus they're really expensive for what they are. So glad to have these gone and I'll never repurchase. 

Number of products used up: 14
Total for the year: 66

I'm still doing good so far, and we're only in the 5th month of the year. I'm really hoping I can use up a ton more products. I think I'm making a goal of using up 250 products for the entire year. Last year I used up 177 products, so I have some work to do y'all!

What are some products you used up?

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

April 2016 Favorites

*Post contains affiliate links*
Hey guys! I know, it's been a while since I made a real post on here. I honestly haven't been feeling very good lately and have also been feeling a bit uninspired with writing. I love this little space of mine and want to try and put in more effort, just being sick and all has really put a damper in things, so I truly apologize for my absence! I have just a few favorites to share with you from the past month, as I haven't even really been wearing much makeup lately. 

The first product that I've been loving is the Suave Creamy Cocoa Butter & Shea Moisturizing Body Wash. My husband is helping me use this, and I have to say, this is probably one of the best body washes I've ever used! First off, it's only about $2 or $3 with a good sale and coupon, and it's so moisturizing on the skin. It smells incredible and works just as well as any expensive body wash I've tried. Once I use up all the body washes I have, including samples, I'm going to continue buying just the less expensive body washes.  

Next up is a product I'm sure I've mentioned on the blog before, and it's the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream. This stuff is freaking fantastic for my fine, but dry hair. I don't wash my hair everyday, and it tends to get dried out at the ends. When I use this after my shower, my hair is so silky soft, that I can never stop touching it. It makes my split ends look less noticeable and the overall look of my hair is better. You only need the tiniest bit to get the job done though, so this bottle lasts a very long time, and it's under $10. 

I was never the biggest fan of lipsticks. I had gotten two NARS lip pencils as a birthday gift from Sephora, and I completely fell in love with the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the shade Cruella. This is the perfect red for me! It's cool toned and has a soft, matte feel on the lips. It's not uncomfortable at all, it wears well, and I'm very tempted to buy the full size of this when I run out of this sample size!

My last favorite product of April is a lip balm. I had received the Olive Natural Beauty Moisturizing Lip Balm in the scent Refreshing Rosemary in a previous Ipsy bag, and finally pulled it out last month. I have such a hoard of lip balms to go through, it's quite sad. This little tube is quite small though, so I see myself using it up fairly quickly. I just absolutely love the way this smells, and it makes my lips feel so incredibly soft.

What are some products you've been loving?