Friday, June 28, 2013

30 Day June Blog Challenge- Day 27: Problems

We're getting through the home stretch of this blogging challenge and in today's post, we're talking about a problem that we have had.

Now, again this is a bit vague so I'm guessing we can talk about something with work, relationships or just life in general. Ima be honest here and say that I've been having a problem with work.

Seriously guys, alot of people think that retail is so easy. You get to stand behind a cash register and ring up costumers all day. Not where I work! I still won't say exactly where I work, but it's really tough sometimes. Yes, it's easy to work the register once you know what you're doing, but there's so many extra things involved in my job. I've been working at my current job for a little over 3 years now, and I did like it when I first started, but then I started noticing that management doesn't really want to help employees and the employees who have been there for years and years hate new people that start working there because they never wanna do the extra work.

Which is where recovery comes in. I work in a department where the fitting rooms have to be checked constantly. Everything then has to be hung up and put away in its proper place, and the new people don't seem to get that. 

We also have sales goals to make. This is where all the employees start to hate eachother and fight over sales to be #1. I refuse to fight over sales because it makes the customer feel like a piece of meat. I do like when I make my goal because it affects my scorecard, which ultimately results in whether I get a raise or not. 

I probably sound like I'm not making any sense, but what I'm trying to say is that retail is so not what alot of people make it out to be. We have to put away things, we have to help customers on the selling floor, we have to make our goals, and alot of other things, most times by ourselves. There are many days where I'm in the department all by myself and I feel like I have to be in 5 places at once. I have a customer at the register, but wait, someone needs help on the floor, oh there's also that rod of fitting to be put away. I'm only one person and management expects us to do it all by ourselves.

Some days I like my job, other days it's pure Hell. I get yelled at by customers because a certain piece of merchandise was on the wrong rack and when I show them where it's supposed to be along with all the other things, they demand to see a manager, and the manager gives them what they want! It's truly amazing to me that a grown person can basically throw a temper tantrum because they want a full priced item at 65% off, and management gives it to them. 

I know that retail is not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. For now, it's sort of paying my bills and when people ask if I like working where I work, all I say is, "it's a job". Finding a good job is really hard to come by, but I'm trying to make the best of it. I try to go in with a positive attitude, but when management is breathing down your neck to make goals and customers are yelling at you for an item not taking a coupon, it gets really tough. I think I'm too nice for retail. There have been many days where I end my shift and I go home crying because I had such a bad day. I wake up with anxiety and constant stomach aches whenever I have to go in. If you're part-time, I think it's okay. When you're full-time like me, it definitely gets tough. 

Man, sorry that's such a long post! Sometimes, you just gotta vent and let things out. Really though, if you just want to work in retail part-time to earn a little extra cash, go for it. Part-timers do better than full-timers anyways. If you wanna be full-time, really think about it! It takes over your life and you basically have no time for yourself, unless you're management. You start out with 5 weeks vacation....


  1. Sorry you're having to put up with so much and hope you get a better job soon.


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