Friday, June 21, 2013

30 Day June Blog Challenge- Day 21: Favorite Show

Today's topic for the blogging challenge is to talk about one of your favorite shows and as you can tell, one of my all-time favorite shows is Supernatural!

Supernatural is about Sam and Dean Winchester, who are both "hunters." They hunt evil, paranormal forces and basically try to kill them. It's just such an awesome show! I don't know how to explain it really without giving too much away. I just love watching the Winchester brothers as they go on their journey trying to get rid of all the supernatural forces. Amazing show, look it up!


  1. I am not too much into the sci-fi shows.

  2. Sorry I've not heard of your show and have never enjoyed sci-fi, which maybe the exception of way back...Beam me up Scotty...can't think of the name of the show.

    1. Haha Can't think of it either...


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