Saturday, June 29, 2013

30 Day June Blog Challenge- Day 28: Something I Miss

Hey guys! Sorry this post is up a day late. My fiance and I have company over this weekend so I had to clean and whatnot and I didn't have time to write up this post. Anyways, day 28 of the blogging challenge is to write about something that you miss.

I miss being a little kid. I feel like when you're little, like 3 and 4, you're still so innocent and in your own little world just being a kid. It's tough getting older when you're trying to fit in with everyone, but when you're a kid, you just don't care. 

I miss playing with all my Barbies, I miss playing dress up, I miss listening to my little story tapes before I went to sleep. 

I just miss being a kid.

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