Monday, June 10, 2013

30 Day June Blog Challenge- Day 10: My First and Only Love

Today's post is going to be fun! We're talking about our first love and first kiss.

Now I said this will be fun, well for me at least. I'm not sure how entertaining this will be for all of you because I'm still with my first love, who was also my first kiss! I had crushes when I was in school, but never one where I was like, "OMG, I'm in love!" So yeah, David's my first love :)

For the first day of this blogging challenge, we talked about our current relationship. Well, my current relationship has been my only relationship and he was also my very first kiss. Dawwwwww :)

I guess there's not too much to say about my first love because I've talked about him before. If you want a little re-cap of him, his name is David, we met through an old co-worker of mine, and we've been together ever since. Exciting, I know.

Our first kiss was kinda funny. I was actually the one to go in for the kill because he was just standing there. He keeps telling me he was gonna do it eventually, but I beat him to it. Anyways, he had dropped me off at my house after our third date and walked me to the door. He always did that no matter what. He always made sure I got in the door okay and had everything locked up too. Such a nice boy he is. Once we got to my front door, he gave me a hug like he had done the first two dates and then we just kinda stood there. I wasn't sure what was going on at first, then I had a fleeting thought, "OMG, we're gonna kiss!" That's when I went in for the kill. I could tell he was shocked because he jumped a little, but then afterwards he had the cutest, biggest grin on his face and said he wasn't expecting that. I wasn't either and had no idea what I was doing, obviously. It wasn't any big kiss, just a peck really. It was funny because once I opened the door and stepped in my house, he was like, "wait, one more kiss." I just laughed and we kissed and he left. It was cute, it was awkward and it was simple. Couldn't have asked for a better kiss.


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