Tuesday, June 4, 2013

30 Day June Blog Challenge- Day 4: Religion


I feel like today's post is quite controversial and that is views on religion.

I'm sure I'll get alot of crap for this, but I'm not into religion at all. I wasn't raised as anything, I wasn't baptised or christened or anything. I was brought up to believe in whatever I wanted...

... And that is nothing. I guess I'm considered an Atheist then to most people, and I could care less what others think. My fiance is also an Atheist and I'm actually happy about that because I hate when I meet people and they get on my ass about not being religious. I don't get on people for believing in God, so when someone gets on me for not believing in God, I get a little upset. Everyone is free to believe in whatever they choose. It's funny though because my fiance and I both have relatives who are Catholic and I can definitely sense that they feel they're above us because of it. This doesn't mean we're Satan worshippers, but I hate when people think I'm a bad person for not believing in God. I've been told alot that I'm a very nice person and my fiance is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Can't say the same for some of my Catholic family members...

Anyways, I don't have much to say about religion really. It's definitely a controversial subject to alot of people, including myself. I feel like I have to say though, I don't want people thinking I'm a terrible person for not believing in God. This is just my opinion and how I feel, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions :)



  1. Great Post. People have this belief that if you're not into God you're into the devil. I don't know why.

    1. I don't now why either. It's annoying

  2. I hate that you have had that experience with your families. It shouldn't be like that. Unfortunately there are a lot of hypocrites out there, and they push people away. Also, I definitely agree that not believing anything as opposed to being into the devil is totally different.


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