Thursday, March 3, 2016

Review: Azure Naturals Ultimate Vitamin C Line

*Disclosure* Products reviewed were provided thanks to Tomoson. All opinions are 100% honest and my own, like always!

Hi everyone! You all know how much I love skincare, especially if it's got Vitamin C in it. Lately, my skin has been responding very well to Vitamin C, and I was given the chance to try out Azure Naturals Vitamin C line which included the Sweet Orange Organic Facial Cleanser, Sweet Orange Organic Facial Toner, Skin Repair Serum and Sweet Orange Infused Organic Moisturizer.

The Vitamin C Cleanser is said refine skin's texture, reduce wrinkles and help protect skin from environmental elements. Directions say apply to skin with a light, circular massaging motion avoiding contact with eyes. Rinse with warm water, and follow up with Vitamin C Toner, Vitamin C Serum, and Vitamin C Moisturizer. 

The Vitamin C Toner is said to refresh and brighten skin, reduce inflammation and even fight acne. Directions say to apply after cleansing by spraying directly over the entire face, neck and decollete, but can also be sprayed onto fingertips or a cotton pad and applied using upward strokes. 

The Vitamin C Serum just says it can be used morning and night on all skin types. Directions say to apply a small amount to entire face and neck area, and then follow with moisturizer. 

The Vitamin C Moisturizer is said to help fight acne and hydrate your skin, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Directions say to apply after cleansing, toning, and any other corrective serums or exfoliating treatments. This can be used around the eyes, on the neck and decollete, and can be worn under makeup. 

Alright, while I've been really enjoying using this Vitamin C line every morning, I do think it's not quite enough for the colder months, and will be better to use in the Spring/Summer. My skin has been very fussy lately with not knowing if it's dry, oily or combo, and most days, I don't get enough hydration from this line. That being said, my favorite product from the line is the Serum. It sinks right into the skin and smells like citrus. The whole line actually has varying smells of orange to them, which I quite like to help perk me up in the morning. The cleanser is sulfate free so it doesn't get very foamy, but it does seem to clean the skin nicely. I tried to cleanse with this at night, and it doesn't remove makeup very well, and also stings the eyes if you get it too close. I love the smell of the toner, but I highly recommend only spraying it on a cotton pad, then applying it to your face. Spraying directly on the skin made my eyes feel like I was bathing them in acid. The moisturizer is nice too. It's very lightweight, but not enough to help my skin in the very cold months. In the late Spring, early Summer, I think this will be perfect as it sinks in quick. 

Coming from someone who typically has pretty oily skin (minus the freakout it has during Winter), I think this is a nice line of products. If you have dry skin, I don't think it will be hydrating enough for you. For right now, I'm going to continue using the serum in the mornings underneath my moisturizer, and save the other products for warmer weather when my skin will cooperate with me more!

The cleanser and toner both cost $15.88, the serum costs $16.88, and the moisturizer costs $18.88. They are all on Amazon, and are Prime eligible!

What do you think of this line?

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