Saturday, March 19, 2016

Do You Believe in Karma?

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Hey guys! I have a bit of a different post today, as it has to do with Karma. I don't know about you, but I truly believe the saying, "What goes around, comes around". There's been alot of stuff I notice in my own life, as well as noticing it within the beauty community, where people just aren't honest about things, or they steal other people's work, and take credit. Thanks to my sponsor for this post, Amazing Karma Social Network, I'll be sharing with you a cool website you can go to and get some free Karma Cards for a limited time.

180 Americans (110 being women) believe in the non-religious concept of Karma as "what goes around, comes around." On Amazing Karma, there are green or red Karma Cards. When a user receives either one, you register it on the website and earn 1 Karma Point which is worth 1 penny in Karma Cash. As the card keeps being passed around the world, it is tracked and mapped at As long as the cards keep being passed on, users earn unlimited Karma Points and Karma Cash which may be donated to any registered charity or for any consumer gift card.


This is Darlene and Ken, the creators of Amazing Karma. Darlene says that is based on a Karma Point credit and debit game their family plays.  The game was an innovative way to teach common courtesies as well as good and bad consequences for our individual actions.

I said in the first paragraph that I've witnessed first hand what Karma can do. I'm not going into detail for personal reasons, but Karma has definitely come to bite him in the butt! It sure took a while, but I always say Karma will happen when its supposed to.

Now, if you're a part of the beauty community as well, I'm sure you know all about how hardcore some people can be when it comes to videos, blog posts and sponsorships or collaborations. It's like it's one big competition which it shouldn't be. Very recently, I found out a very popular Instagrammer stole photos from another blogger, posted them to her Instagram, and didn't give the proper credit to the blogger. That truly boils my blood when we as bloggers work so hard writing up posts and taking good photos. It can take many hours of hard work, and when someone else steals your work and takes the credit for it, it's very defeating. I 100% believe that the Instagrammer will get what is coming to her. What she does won't get brushed under the rug for very long and she will most likely be exposed eventually.

What do you feel about the concept of Karma? Do you believe "what goes around, comes around?"

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