Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Makeup & Body Care HAUL! Clinique + The Body Shop

Hello everyone! I went out to the mall a few days ago, and to my old job to use up some of my discount that's left. I also went to The Body Shop because they have their Summer Sale going on where alot of their products are up to 75% off, so of course I had to pick up a few things!

I'll start off with the Clinique products. I'm sure I mentioned before, but I worked at Macy's. I still had some of my discount left to use up, so I went to the Clinique counter there and got all 3 of these products for just under $30. I picked up two of the Pop Lip Colour + Primers, the first shade being Fab Pop and the second shade being Punch Pop. I've been hearing so many rave reviews about these and the shades I got are so pretty and they seemed to swatch in the store nicely. I will do reviews on these as I use them more. 

I had also heard really good things about the Cheek Pop Blush Pops, so I went with the color Pink Pop. This color swatched beautifully, but I have yet to try it out. I will definitely report back on this one as well!

I love when The Body Shop has their sales where certain products are heavily discounted, but that usually means they will be discontinued. I first picked up their Chocomania Sugar Body Scrub. This stuff smells heavenly, and I do have one of their body butters in the same scent somewhere in my stash. The body butter was also discounted, so I have a feeling they're getting rid of this line. *Sadface*

I was also surprised to see their deep Sleep Dreamy Body Mist on clearance. I used to use this stuff back when I worked at The Body Shop years and years ago. I actually used this as a pillow spray at night to help me sleep. I absolutely loved how this smelled, and it really did help me to fall asleep and stay asleep, which I have problems with quite frequently. I may actually go back and pick up another one of these as a backup for when I really need it. 

The last product I got was their Brazil Nut Body Butter. Now if my brain is remembering correctly, they got rid of the Brazil nut line a few years ago, but brought it back due to popular demand. As far as I know, I had never even tried this scent, but I always was a fan of how it smelled. It's very nutty and also smells like shea butter. It smells amazing, so I'm glad I got my hands on this if they do end up discontinuing it. 

With the sales plus my Love Your Body discount, I only spent just under $27 for everything, which isn't bad at all. The Body Butters alone cost $20 normally. 

Is there anything you've picked up lately? Are you purchasing anything from The Body Shop's sale?

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