Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Seven Deadly Sins Beauty Tag!

Hey guys! So the lovely Meesha over at Strawberry Hearts Chocolate Darts tagged me to do this! I've been seeing it go around the Youtube beauty community and now it's taking over the beauty blogging world. So here are the questions and my answers!

-GREED: What is your most expensive beauty item?
Probably my Clarisonic. My mom actually bought it for me as a birthday gift a few years ago from QVC and it came with a bunch of other things as well like cleansers and replacement brush heads for it. I'm not really sure how much it cost, but I'm sure it wasn't cheap!

-WRATH: Which beauty item do you have a love-hate relationship with?
Foundation for sure! I love when I first apply it because it looks nice and even and my skin isn't shiny. As my day goes on, my skin gets oily and it basically looks like I have a mask on my face. I try everything I can to make my skin less shiny.

-GLUTTONY: What brand takes up the biggest chunk of your makeup collection?
It's probably a tie between Bare Escentuals and Urban Decay. I've been a bareMinerals girl since I was a teenager and barely into makeup, but I have about a million and one eyeshadows from them, I'm obsessed with their Flawless Definition Mascara and I have a few brushes as well. Urban Decay came later on in life for me as I got more into makeup. I have so many of their eyeshadow palettes, it's a bit ridiculous. I also bought a ton of their single eyeshadows when they went on clearance before they released the new formula of them. Their Eyeshadow Primer Potion is probably my all-time favorite eye primer (but it's expensive!). 

-SLOTH: What product do you neglect to use due to laziness?
Usually eyeliner. For some reason I just don't like how it looks on me but I do try to put it on once in a while. I also don't necessarily think it's due to laziness, but I'm not very good at eyeliner either, which is why I usually skip it.

-PRIDE: Which beauty product gives you the most confidence?
Eyeshadow or lip gloss. I love doing different looks with my eyes, and I have nice, full lips so I love using lip gloss to accentuate them.

-LUST: Which item is at the top of your beauty wishlist?
I honestly don't really have one at the moment. I usually like something for a little bit, but if I end up not buying it, it doesn't really bother me. As I'm out doing errands, if I see something I want I typically just buy it if it's not too expensive. I've been getting more into drugstore makeup lately which is probably why I don't want anything right now.

-ENVY: Which makeup product or look looks great on others, but not yourself?
I'm going with my answer to Sloth and saying eyeliner. So many people make eyeliner look so nice. I see people do the cat eye looks and they do straight lines perfectly and I just suck at it. I probably just need to practice more, but really, I suck.

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  1. I suck at eyeliner too xx


    1. It's good to know I'm not alone!

  2. Oh I agree, I only do eyeliner when I know I have a lot of time to get ready because I WILL make mistakes and have to redo

    1. If I make a mistake I don't even bother redoing it honestly. I just try to smudge it out a bit hoping it'll look better

  3. I am the same way about eyeliner! I feel like it makes my eyes look smaller than they are so I never wear any in my waterline. Great tag love!


  4. I am slothful about everything! I ultimately need a great face cleanser, that fights acne. I have awful acne and I think makeup usually makes it look worse, except for the redness. Any help would be great! Stopping by from SSS!


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