Tuesday, May 7, 2013

E.L.F. Haul!

Hey guys! When I made my ridiculously large hauls posts, I got a little excited and forgot to include what I purchased from E.L.F. cosmetics! It's not a whole lot and probably doesn't deserve its own post, but hey, I still wanna show you all what I got anyways.

I bet you can't tell that I love eyeshadows, right?! Ha, seriously though, it's an obsession. I'm so in love with eyeshadows and I feel like I have to have every single one ever made! Well, maybe not ever made, but I do love me some eyeshadow! Anyways, the first product I purchased is the 144 Piece Neutral Eyeshadow Palette. I saw this palette on sale on their website and was so flipping excited for it, and decided it was mine! There are so many different neutral colors to choose from, it's almost like this would be the only eyeshadow palette you'd ever need (emphasis on the almost!).

The next thing I picked up is another eyeshadow palette (shocker!) and it's the 48 Piece Eyeshadow Book- Day. Another neutral palette as well, but there are some lovely colors and this little guy is really nice for travel since it's alot smaller. I don't think anyone can pull off bringing the massive palette on a trip.

The next product I picked up is an Eye Crease Brush. I love how small this is compared to a regular fluffy crease brush. I have really hooded eyelids, and big crease brushes tend to be a bit big for my eyes, so this brush is perfect for placing color into my crease, then I'll use a fluffy brush to help with blending. I find that works so much better for me.

Then I purchased a trio set of their Hypershine Glosses, which I've fallen in love with! I've already used the lightest color called Cherry Fizz, and it's incredibly gorgeous and not sticky at all. I had never tried these before, so I was a little nervous they'd be sticky and goopy, but they feel wonderful on the lips.

Now the last two products I didn't pay for. How did that happen you ask? Beats me honestly! They were in my box when it arrived and it did confuse me a bit, because they weren't on the order sheet and I wasn't charged for them. I'm pretty sure I don't have any use for the liquid eyeliners, so I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with them. I may try the lipstick as it looks like a complimentary color to my skintone. 

That's my little haul for you guys! Do any of these products seem interesting to you?


  1. I love E.L.F. Stuff! Such great value for money!! I really like your blog and just followed you! I found you on the Monday Beauties Blog Hop!! Here's my link if you wanna check it out and follow back!

    www.chrissylilly.blogspot.com x

    1. Yay! Thank you very much! Following you back via Bloglovin :)


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