Monday, October 8, 2012

Review: Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser

Today I'm going to review the cleanser that I've been using for almost a month now, and that's the Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser. I think a month is a good time to review something because I tend to know if I like it or not by then.

I know this bottle looks empty, but it's laying on its side and I really have about half of the bottle left. I purchased this at Sephora a while ago and I just looked on the website to find it, but the whole Juice Beauty brand is no where to be found, so I guess they discontinued carrying it. I went on the Juice Beauty website and I looked up where I could find the brand, and it looks like it's mainly in Ulta now. Anyways, it says this cleanser is $22, but on Amazon it's $26.99, so not sure what that's about. Again, it's been a while since I purchased this so I probably did spend around $20 or so. There are a bunch of really nice ingredients like organic lemon juice which helps improve skin tone and texture, organic aloe leaf juice which is a very healing, anti-inflammatory ingredient and lemon balm leaf which has antiseptic and antiviral properties. So basically, this cleanser is geared to help heal any acne blemishes and to prevent more acne from happening.

This isn't the greatest cleanser in my opinion. Even though it foams nicely, you have to really work it in your hands to get it to foam, and it's so runny and thin that a lot of it can run off your hands if you're not careful (trust me, I know). I don't get too many blemishes anymore, but if I do get some, I don't particularly notice that this cleanser helps them in any way. I've said before, I don't know why so many companies put nice, beneficial ingredients into a cleanser when it just gets rinsed down the drain. They should really put them into a serum or moisturizer instead. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing this cleanser at all. It actually does a decent job of cleaning my skin, it does feel soft after I wash it too and it smells pretty good as well. I just haven't noticed a huge difference in my skin's texture and I definitely haven't noticed a difference in any blemishes I get.

Overall, this isn't a terrible cleanser, but it's not great either. If I could give it a grade, I'd probably give it a C+ only because I don't notice a vast difference with my skin.


  1. Good honest review, cool blog you have here :)

    Foundation - Thrifty or high end whats your favourite?

  2. Love the honesty! Like your blog!

    i'm your newest follower. Be mine?

    1. Thank you so much for commenting!

      I'm a new follower for you as well :)


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