Monday, October 22, 2012

My 5 Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes

Today, I'm going to be talking about my favorite kind of makeup. Eyeshadows! Seriously, I'm pretty much obsessed with eyeshadows. I have enough to probably last the rest of my life, but of course I'm always gonna need more! These are my five favorite eyeshadow palettes. They're in no particular order either.

Now I know everyone's going to think, oh geez, another person talking about an Urban Decay Naked Palette. But in all honesty, I absolutely love this Naked 2 Palette. I also have the first Naked Palette but this one compliments my skin tone way better because I'm so fair-skinned. The color Snakebite, which is the sixth color in from the left is so flipping beautiful, it has to be my favorite color here. Bootycall, the third color in, is the perfect highlight color too.

This next palette is a newer one that I completely fell in love with when I saw the colors in person. This is the Lorac Pro Palette. I was eyeing this for a while, then I took a trip to Sephora, took a look at it and was pretty much in love at first sight. This palette is pretty cool because the top row of shadows are matte while the bottom row is shimmery. I love shimmer shadows the best so for me, buying a palette with matte shadows was a step out of my comfort zone, but I absolutely love this palette and every color is really beautiful.

This next palette is kind of an older one but I love it so much! It's the Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Ludwig. You're probably noticing a pattern now with these palettes being primarily neutral, but I promise some color is coming soon! Anyways, this is the first Kat Von D makeup product I ever bought and it didn't disappoint at all. You can probably notice in the picture that the black color, Lucifer, is all broken but it's because I've had it for I don't know how long and it breaks more everytime I use it. I'm so in love with the two green colors that are next to the black color and the last four neutral colors are beautiful as well.

This next palette is the Too Faced Naked Eye Palette. Again, these are pretty neutral colors but you can do a smokey look with the Fashion look that's on the bottom row. I love the color Satin Sheets, which is the light pink color in the second row, second color in. This palette is just really good for an everyday eye look.

Here's the palette with color! This is the BH Cosmetics 88 Color Shimmer Palette. I love BH Cosmetics palettes. You get so much variety and the color payoff is incredible. They're so pigmented and the price of these palettes are pretty good too. Anyways, You still have your neutrals here but then you have your purples and greens and everything in between basically. I use this and other BH palettes if I wanna do something a bit different with my look.

So there you have it! These are my favorite eyeshadow palettes. Like I said, I'm obsessed with eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes especially, so this list was a bit hard to make. I hope everyone likes this and please leave a comment below telling me your favorite eyeshadow palettes! :)


  1. I love the Too Faced Naked Eye palette! And oddly enough I still don't own Naked 1 or Naked 2... but Naked 2 will probably make a spot on my Christmas list :)

    1. Yay! You will definitely love the Naked 2 Palette if you get it! Naked 1 is good too but better for people with darker skintones.

  2. all your palettes look really nice :)

    i now follow your blog, check out mine and follow back? :)


  3. i have the naked 2 palette but i just really need to be more adventurous with my eyes... i tend to stick to neutral eyes cos i like a strong lip. xxx


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