Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Facial Masks

I probably have said before that I love masks. Really, I'm obsessed. If I can find a mask that helps control all the oil, helps prevent breakouts and just keeps my skin looking beautiful, I'm sold 100%. Seriously, for me, finding a good mask is probably one of the best feelings in the world. None of these masks are in any particular order, they're just ones that I've used or am currently using and feel they deserve mentioning.

Okay, so I don't think I have a favorite mask of all time but the one I'm currently using, Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Carbon Mask, is pretty high up there in rank. I did a full review on it here. A quick thing I'll say about it is that it truly helps to control oil production and if I do have a little zit popping up, it's gone the day after I use this mask. Can you say amazing?

The next mask I like, but haven't used in quite a while is the Proactiv Refining Mask. I used this back when I was a teenager and had really bad acne and I absolutely loved this! It helped heal all my blemishes quickly but didn't irritate my skin, which I had and still kinda have issues with. Sometimes my skin can be so sensitive that I have to be really careful what I use. But man, this stuff did the job. It's a clay mask that has sulfur in it, which is a really good ingredient to help treat acne. I always remembered when I used it, that it made my skin so soft and my pores were a lot smaller as well.

Another really amazing mask is Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores. This mask is similar to the Paula's Choice mask, but this dries a lot more and is a lot darker in color. When I use this, it feels like this mask is literally sucking out all the bad stuff from my pores. The only downside (which I guess for some people isn't really a downside) is that it dries so much, you can barely move your face or it cracks and of course someone always had to make me laugh when I had this mask on and it would crack and sometimes it hurt, but not bad. This is still an amazing mask to help clear out pores and treat acne though.

The next mask is The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask. I used this a lot back in my late teens to about 20 or 21. My acne wasn't terrible then, but my skin wasn't exactly clear either and this helped to smooth things out a bit and take care of breakouts. It's also pretty cool that this mask is a bright green color which I thought was so fun. For some reason, colored masks other than black or white really make me happy. Plus, the tea tree oil in it is great for treating acne.

The last mask I love is also another one from The Body Shop and it's the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask. This is good for if you don't really suffer from breakouts, but still have oily to combo/oily skin. I've used this fairly recently withing the last couple years or so once my skin started to really clear up. The seaweed in this actually helps to balance your skin tone and helps purify and clarify the complexion (at least that's what it says on the website), and I do have to agree with that. I never really had issues with uneven skin tone or post acne marks but this definitely seemed to help make my skin more even than it was and really helped with controlling oil. 

So there you have it! Those are my top 5 favorite masks, but in no particular order. I really do think that adding a mask to your skincare routine can really help in a lot of ways. Even if you only use a mask once a week, it'll make all the difference in the world. 

What are some of your favorite masks?

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