Friday, September 28, 2012

HAUL! Urban Decay & Sephora

This is a collective haul. I bought the things from the Urban Decay website back in August and the stuff from the Sephora site I bought just last week. You'll notice a theme with this haul but I was so excited about the sales I got so I have to share!

My first products are from the Urban Decay website and I purchased six eyeshadows when they went on sale for $9. I'm kinda kicking myself because now they're on sale for $6, but oh well, I'm still very happy with them. (Also, sorry for not having swatches! My camera doesn't seem to pick up the color right on my skin, but hopefully these photos help a bit!)

As you can see, I bought Blunt, Sin, Sell Out, Mildew, X, and Aquarius. I'm obsessed with Sin because of the Naked Palette and for me, it's the perfect highlight color for your browbone and inner corners of the eye. I love all the other colors as well, but haven't really played around with them much. Aquarius is actually a very beautiful color with my hazel eyes. It makes them look more green than normal.

My next purchase comes from the Sephora website (yes, I love buying almost everything online!). Again, I bought more Urban Decay eyeshadows, but only because these were on sale for $6! I guess I take back the statement about kicking myself for not waiting because once I purchased these, pretty much all the colors were gone after a couple days. I also purchased a Korres Pomegranate Toner because I've been wanting to try it for a while. (Sorry again for the bad photo of the toner! I have to figure out settings on my camera)

From Sephora I bought Lounge, Last Call, Psychedelic Sister, Chopper and Smog. I have to say I can't wait to try out Lounge! It's like this duo-chrome brown shadow with a tint of green to it depending on how you hold it in the light. Smog is another color from the Naked Palette that I love to blend lightly into my crease and Chopper is my favorite color from the Naked 2 palette that I put all over my eyelid. Urban Decay never fails me when it comes to eyeshadows and I know I'm definitely going to pick up some more in the future! As for the toner, we shall see how I like it as I will probably have a review on it later on.

So that's my little haul for you guys! I have bought some more things between these things so if you want to see a haul post on them, please let me know! These were just the super exciting things I bought ;) 

I'll see everyone later!

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