Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Review: Pur Cosmetics Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara

*Disclosure* Product mentioned was provided for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own, like always

Hey guys! If you didn't know, mascara is probably one of my favorite things to apply in my makeup routine. I had received a surprise package from Pur Cosmetics that included their new Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara. I thought it had an interesting concept to it, and I was pretty excited to try something new!

According to the Pur website:

Opposites attract with this anti-aging mascara that has a magnetic polymer matrix that wraps a positively charged elastic veil around each lash to instantly lift, separate and define each lash for long-lasting performance.

For application, they say: 

Begin by placing the brush wand at the base of lashes then hold for a few seconds to set. Wiggle the wand in a back and forth motion and repeat to build. Use the wand vertically to apply to the lower lash line.  

The packaging on this mascara is pretty darn nice, and has that matte black Nars packaging feel to it. The brush looks all too familiar to me, and very much reminds me of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. Bristles go every which way, and alot of product seems to collect at the very end of the wand, but I just remove that on the mascara tube. 

I have to note the scent of this, and maybe it's just my tube, but it smells a little too chemically for my liking. I also have to mention that the sixth ingredient in this is Alcohol Denat. Why?! Why is there alcohol in this?! Since using this mascara, I've noticed my natural lashes seem a little more drier than usual, and I'm pretty sure it's because of the alcohol. 

Anyway, here are some before and after pictures: 

My poor lashes are practically non-existent and have a tiny bit of curl, but otherwise they're fairly straight and very light in color. 

I gotta give it to this mascara, after just one coat, my lashes are more curled, and much more dark and separated. I feel like I can get away with just one coat of this. When I apply two coats, that's where I start to get clumping. I hate to compare this to Too Faced Better Than Sex again, but I think this performs like it with how it applies and looks after one coat. 

One thing that really bugs be about Fully Charged is that it makes my eyes itch like crazy! I'm not sure what's in this mascara that causes that effect, but it annoys me and in turn, it breaks down fast. I end up with smudges and flakes after just a few hours of wear, which is a shame because I really do love the initial application. Removal is very easy and comes off with makeup remover just fine. 

Keep in mind that I have very sensitive eyes in general, and allergy season is starting. I'm just disappointed that Fully Charged makes my eyes itch, when I don't usually have that problem. I'm honestly not sure what having a magnetic polymer matrix does in this mascara, but I don't notice anything spectacular because of it.

Overall, I would recommend this mascara if you don't have sensitive eyes and want a good amount of length, and also don't mind having alcohol near your eyeballs. I don't notice much volume, and again, Too Faced Better Than Sex provides both. 

The cost of Fully Charged is only $22 and you can find it at Ulta, the Pur website, and other online retailers. 

Have you tried this mascara?

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