Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Pan That Palette Update: theBlam Nude'tude

Hey guys! Back in February, I started doing a pan that palette challenge, where I wanted to start panning theBalm's Nude'tude palette. I tried my hardest to use the palette every chance I got, and it was fun for a while seeing what I could do with it. 

To start, here are the pictures before I started the challenge:

You can see I did get a little use out of it before the challenge, but not alot. This was a palette that I just didn't care for much, but I did end up falling in love with it!

Here are the pictures after a little over a month and a half of use:

So, it's safe to say I didn't make much progress. I do think I made a good dent into the shades Sassy and Sultry, but only because Sassy was pretty much a highlight and Sultry is the only transition shade. Selfish also got a decent amount of use. 

I don't know if the whole panning thing is for me honestly, especially with palettes. I just have so many in my collection, and I do get bored easily using the same thing over and over (hooray for short attention spans!). 

I have to hand it to all the professional panners out there, it's not easy! While I think I'm going to give up this pan that palette challenge, I do definitely want to start rotating the palettes that are in my collection right now, instead of just letting them sit and collect dust. I just started doing the 100 Days of Makeup challenge on my Instagram, where I do a makeup look everyday for 100 days. That doesn't always include a full face, it can also be just an eye look, or a lip look I particularly enjoy. I've been getting alot more use out of the makeup I have lately, and I'm close to finishing up a bunch of products too, and that makes me very happy since I'm in decluttering mode. 

Be sure to follow me on Instagram here if you want to keep up with the makeup looks I'm doing! 

Have you ever done a project pan challenge? If so, how did you not go crazy?! (Seriously) 

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