Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 2014 Favorites

Hello everyone! It's the end of yet another month which means it's favorites time! Let's see what I was loving in September.

The first product I've been loving is the Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil. I wrote up a review if this here, and basically it's amazing! I mentioned in that post that I was using in mixed in my shampoo, and I'm convinced that it's helping with dandruff and itchiness. I also have been using it mixed in the baby shampoo I use to wash my makeup brushes for some extra disinfection.

My next favorite is the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette. I did a first look type of post here on this, though I will end up fully reviewing this palette in the coming weeks. I love this palette so much. There are a good mix of neutrals and bright colors, and there are also an impressive amount of matte shades. Overall, I'm very impressed. Definitely stay tuned for my review!

Next up is another Urban Decay product and it's their Naked 2 Basics Palette. Check out my full review of this here, but in a nutshell, I love it! I've been more into matte shadows lately and I think this palette is great of you want neutral shades that are more cool than the first, but not so cool to where only a few people can use it. These shades blend like a dream and I have gotten good use out of it. 

Now we have the Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara in the color Jet Black. I think this may have come in a kit of some kind but I honestly can't remember. I was looking for a mascara to use because I had used up the other one I was using but came across ones that were so dried out, they weren't usable. Once I decided on this one and used it, I was pretty impressed with how nice my lashes look. They give decent length and volume, but don't look spidery or clumpy. 

My last favorite of the month is the Tarte Clean Slate 12 hr Smoothing Primer. I've been trying to use up some of my eye primers because 1. I have a ton and 2. I don't wanna use up all of the Urban Decay Primer Potions I have. That stuff is my ultimate favorite so I'm saving it! This little tube came in a gift set of different Tarte primers and to be honest, I actually really like this! It feels so different though, like lotion. I wasn't sure I'd like it because of the thin texture, but this stuff really makes my shadows last longer. Not UDPP long, but longer than if I didn't use primer at all. 

That's everything! What have you been loving lately?


  1. Can't wait for the vice 3 review!!

    1. Hopefully I can get it up this week sometime!


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