Saturday, October 18, 2014

Small(ish) Beauty Haul

Hi guys! Today I have a few beauty bits to share with you all that I've purchased recently. I placed a small Sephora order and also bought something from Amazon, and it's pretty exciting!

First up is the Sephora order. All this month on the Sephora site, they're having this little memory game challenge, where you can gets codes for either 1 of 3 deluxe samples, an extra 150 beauty insider points, or 10% off your order. I tried for days because I wanted the 10% off code and I finally got it! I decided to buy the GlamGlow Gift Sexy Mask kit. It comes with a full size of the Thirstymud mask, and two smaller containers of the Supermud and Youthmud masks. This kit did cost $69, which is typically the cost of one mask by itself. I've been loving the Thirstymud mask so much and wanted the full size, so I was glad to see this set and with the extra 10% off, I'd say it was worth it. 

I also decided I wanted to get the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction palette. As you probably know, Urban Decay is probably my favorite brand of eyeshadows, and their palettes are amazing. At first I didn't want this palette because it's a basic neutral, which I have plenty of. I then saw TiffanyD's tutorial on YouTube using this palette, then I wanted it. When I purchased this, it was actually marked down to $16 from the original price of $34. I think it is still available, and if I can find it, I'll link it in this post. It is definitely a basic neutral palette, but I think it looks really nice. 

*Angels singing* I got the Lorac Mega Pro palette!!! I saw so many teasers of this, and thought that the colors were gorgeous but didn't need it since I have the Pro 1 and 2. However, the day it came out, Lorac was posting that it was selling out super fast and it had only been released for a couple hours, but Amazon still had their stock. I then thought, "Okay, I need this now!" So off I went to the Amazon site, and placed my order. 

This. Is. Stunning! At a whopping $59, I was cringing a little after I bought it, but once received in the mail, that went away. These colors are just so gorgeous, and are the same great quality of the Pro 1 and 2. The first two rows are matte, and the bottom two are shimmer. I've already done some looks with this, and have gotten quite a few compliments as well. Definitely money well spent here! Also, this sold out in I think about 4 hours on the Lorac site as well as Amazon, and Amazon only restocked it once and that sold out super fast.

Let me know if you want reviews of anything! I'm not sure if I want to review the Mega Pro palette, only because it's completely sold out and limited edition. If anyone wants a review though, please let me know!


  1. This is certainly not small haul, I want to get the Lorac mega palette too! I was late in the game in getting the pro palette but absolutely love it. I also got the UD pulp fiction palette on sale too. Looks like a very decent neutral palette.

    1. Ha, I thought it was small considering it's only 3 products, but price wise, it's definitely not small!

      Thank you for stopping by! :)


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