Monday, September 29, 2014

Review & Swatches: Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to be reviewing the newest palette to Urban Decay's Naked line, the Naked 2 Basics. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before, but the first Naked Basics Palette is one of my favorites, and I use it almost everyday. The second one is quickly becoming another favorite!

If you've seen or have the first palette, the packaging is pretty identical, this one is just a little darker in color. I love the snap closure it has and I also love how small and slim it is. Makes it great for travel.

Now the actual colors are amazing! I see these as truly neutral colors, they're not too warm but not too cool either. I see these colors working for a variety of skin tones, and I do love them on my very fair skin. The feel of them is incredible too! They feel so soft and buttery and they blend out amazingly well. 

The first color that is swatched at the very top is called Skimp, Which is described as a pale nude satin. This is the only non-matte shade in the palette, but it's not overly shimmery either. I love this shade as a light highlight because it's pretty darn close to my skin color.

The next color is called Stark, which is described as a nude-pink matte. I love this shade so much for in the crease, it's quickly becoming my go-to crease shade. 

Next up is Frisk, a warm gray matte. This color is also great for the crease if I'm doing some darker looks.

Then we have Cover, which is a muted red-brown matte. This color is probably the most pigmented and buttery shade in this palette. It's incredibly beautiful on the lid for dark smoky looks when you don't want to use black. 

Next is Primal, a muted brown matte. I'm still playing around with this shade to figure out how I like using it. So far I've used it on the lid and in the crease and I could go either way. 

The last color is called Undone, which is a deep smoky brown matte. Love, love love this shade for smoky looks and it's not harsh like black is, but it's dark enough to where it can look black. Beautiful color!

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this palette! It costs $29 and I got mine from Sephora, but you can get it on Urban Decay's website and I'm pretty sure Ulta will have this as well. I remember when I got the first Naked Basics palette and it was $27, but now it is $29. I find it amazing how the prices of everything go up all the time! I remember when the first Naked palette came out and I got mine for $48 and it came with a double-ended eyeliner pencil. Now it's up to $54 and comes with a double-ended brush. Anyways, I don't really think this palette is necessary if you already have a good amount of neutral palettes and/or single shadows. I use this and the first Naked Basics as more of an accent palette, which I'm fine with and will definitely get use out of.

What do you think of this palette? Do you already own it, or do you plan on buying it?


  1. Great swatches!! I think I may need to pick up this palette

    1. Thank you! I think this palette would look great on you!


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