Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review: It's Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette by BH Cosmetics

Hey everyone! In my last haul post, I showed you guys that I had purchased the It's Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette from BH Cosmetics, and a lovely follower of mine wanted to know my thoughts! I've given this palette a few days of trying out, and so far I do like it! I will be posting looks I've done in separate posts too, this is just my review.

As stated on the BH Cosmetics website, the description of this palette says, "The It's Judy Time Eyeshadow palette is a gorgeous collection of 12 eyeshadows perfect for daytime or date night! Ranging from pretty neutrals to jewel tones of blue and purple, this collection of colors, hand picked by famed Beauty Guru It'sJudyTime, features satin, shimmer and matte finish eyeshadows."

I agree with this description! There are amazing neutrals and the blues and purples on the bottom row are beautiful without looking too scary. From what I can tell, 5 are matte then only one or two really are shimmery while the rest are a satin finish. I honestly think that's a good mix because not everyone wants a palette full of overly shimmery shadows. 

These swatches are of the first row. As you can tell, the lightest cream shade pretty much matches my skin even though I tried building it up! That cream color, the light brown under it, the darker reddish brown (second from the bottom) and the medium brown above that are all matte shades. The other satin colors can also be used as crease colors, but I usually prefer using matte shades for my crease. 

These swatches are of the second row, which is probably my favorite row of the palette! The only other matte shade here is the lilac-y periwinkle shade (second from the bottom). At least on me it shows up matte, because I see no shine or shimmer when I look at or swatch it. I absolutely love the copper-y gold shade at the very top and the bronze shade right underneath that! Both make for excellent lid shades. The burgundy/brown shade (third from the top) shows up so different when swatched. In the pan, it definitely looks like a dark purple/burgundy, but looks like a deep brown when you swatch it. I'm definitely a fan of the pops of color that was put in this palette, but like I said above, they're not scary at all on the lids! I already did a look with the two purple shades, but I have yet to figure out what to do with the dark blue shade. 

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this eyeshadow palette! It's an awesome deal too. It retails for $19.95, which I think is reasonable. I did happen to purchase mine at $14.95 on sale, plus I found a 10% off code to use on my whole BH Cosmetics purchase. I also use Ebates, so I got an extra percentage of cash back sent to my PayPal account. As of writing this post, (May 13, 2014) this palette is currently on sale for $12.95! This palette is supposedly limited edition, so if you want this little baby, then snatch it up! I definitely recommend it for an everyday neutral palette as well as a going out palette!

Have you tried this palette out? If you have or not, what do you think about it?


  1. wow, never heard of it, but what a great deal! might have to look into it :)

    1. It's a great little palette for the awesome price!


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