Saturday, May 17, 2014

Four or More TAG!

I came across this tag over at Kate Spitz' blog, and thought it was such a neat idea! If you have four or more of a product, that typically means you like it, right? I have four or more of so many different products, but I wanted to keep this a fairly short post. 

The first products that came to mind when I saw this tag were my beloved bareMinerals Eyeshadows. Now I only have four pictured here, but I literally have almost 50 of these! That's including smaller containers that I've gotten from kits and everything. 

It was hard to pick which colors I wanted to show because I love pretty much all the ones I have. Even though I love me some neutrals, I wanted to show some of the colorful ones that I love as well! 

The first shade pictured is Coconut Palm, and it's such a pretty coppery shade that's amazing as a one shadow look!

Next up is Masquerade. It's so hard describing this because in person it's like three colors in one. It's like a blue-ish/teal duochrome with purple throughout. Such a beautiful color!

Then we have Vintage Ruby, which is probably one of my favorites in my whole bareMinerals stash! I like using this beautiful bronzey shade by itself on my lids, then blending it out in my crease. Love it!

Last color here is called Mystery. Like the name of this shadow, it's very hard to describe as well because of all the different colors in it. It definitely leans more purple, but there's some taupe in there along with some gold throughout. 

As messy as these shadows can be because they're loose shadows, I love them regardless and will probably never run out of what I have because there's a ton of product, even in the smaller containers.

The next products I have four or more of are the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoos. I actually have a few more shades, but these are my favorite ones. 

First off, I did swatch these pretty heavily just they showed up in the pictures, but you can definitely wear them more sheer. Anyways, the first color that's my all-time favorite is Bad to the Bronze. My favorite way of wearing this is sheering it out over my lids, then using a lighter, matte brown shade buffed into the crease. I throw on some mascara and I'm good to go!

Next up is the Metal Color Tattoo in the shade Barely Branded. I actually have to be careful with this one because it can go on a bit patchy on my lids. I don't really like using this by itself, I typically use it as a base for other shadows when I want them to be a bit more shimmery.

Then we have a limited edition matte shade called Nude Pink. Depending on the light, I do see some pink, but I mostly see mauve tones on my lids. This Color Tattoo is amazing when using the matte shades in the Lorac Pro Palette! Everytime I want to use that palette, I bust out Nude Pink and have a nice matte eyeshadow look.

The last Color Tattoo is also a limited edition shade in Seashore Frosts. I don't even think this picture does this shade justice, because it's so darn beautiful in person! It's a blue/grey duochrome with a gold shift to it that is just stunning on the lids. I'll wear this by itself and then use a shade from the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette in my crease. If you can somehow get your hands on this still, get it! You won't be disappointed!

 Now we have the Buxom Full-On Lip Polishes/Creams. While I love these lip glosses because they have some awesome colors, they are a bit sticky, so beware if you want to try these! 

The first one I have is the Lip Cream in White Russian, which is described as a nude pink. Honestly, I only really got this because I heard a bunch of hype about it. I do like it alot more than I thought I would for some reason. I try not to buy things based on hype, but I'm happy I did and I get good use out of this. 

The next one I have is the Lip Polish in the color Amber, which is a soft, shimmering peach shade. I love this color mainly in the Spring and Summer but it can be worn all year layered over colors. 

The next one I have was from a kit I had bought quite a while ago, and I believe this is called a Full Color Gloss, only because it is more opaque than the other Buxom glosses. The shade name is called Ruby, and it's definitely a burgundy color that looks so beautiful, especially in the Fall!

The last one I have is a Lip Polish in the shade Candi. I can't find this shade on the Sephora site, so I'm not sure if they still make it, but it's a beautiful mauve-y pink shade. 

I should also say, these glosses have a pretty strong tingly sensation, so if you don't like that effect, then you probably won't like these. Even though I love the ones I have, I probably won't repurchase any more only because there are so many good glosses at way better prices. These Buxom glosses typically cost about $20.

The last products here that I have four or more of are my very well loved Philosophy Lip Shines. I've raved about these for ages and I have way more than this, but again, I picked my favorites. 

First up is Pomegranate Bubbly, which legit smells (and tastes) like fruity champagne. I love this color so much and while I mainly use it in the Fall, I bust it out once in a while in warmer months.

Next up is the one I wore on my wedding day, which is Raspberry Sorbet. This smells amazing and makes me wish I had a bowl of actual sorbet right now!

Then we have the Candy Hearts Lip Shine, which if I remember correctly, came in a kit from a while back. This is supposed to be pink bubbly scented, and I do agree with that. It does smell a bit like champagne.

The last one may seem like an odd color, but if you know me, you know I love the Ginger Bread Man scent in pretty much every Philosophy product out there! Trust me though, it doesn't show up that color on the lips. If you put a tinted balm on and this over top, it just gives a very glossy look to the lips.

So that's my post on the Four or More Tag! I'm not going to tag anyone specifically, but I would definitely love to see what you guys have four or more of!


  1. This is such a fun tag. I have to do this because while reading your post so many products that I have four or more of came to my mind. I've never tried the bareMinerals Eyeshadows. The shades you swatched all look so pretty, Have a great weekend!


    1. I loved doing this tag! Please post if you end up doing it as well!

  2. I've saw this tag on a few blogs and channels. I may need to do it. I love the color tattoo in Seashore Frost. I have it also and it is gorgeous!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

    1. Isn't it gorgeous?! Almost makes me not want to use it, it's so pretty


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