Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review: Clean Scene by Murad Craving for Clean Cleanser

Hi guys! The product I'm going to be talking about today is a cleaner I've been using as my nighttime cleanser for a few weeks now and it's the Clean Scene Craving for Clean Cleanser. Clean Scene is a sub-brand of Murad created mainly for teenage skin. I also have a moisturizer from Clean Scene that I have yet to try out but lets talk about the cleanser for now!

First of all, the packaging for Clean Scene is really cute! It's all simple white packaging with pops of colored circles. The pricing of the products isn't bad either. I purchased this back when Sephora carried the brand and I believe the price was around $18 but now you can find it for $8.50 on Amazon along with the other Clean Scene products. 

This cleanser is surprisingly really nice. It's got a thick, creamy consistency but it lathers up very nicely. It also smells very fruity but that's from an ingredient in it called Yumberry. I absolutely love how this smells! It's not geared toward any specific skin type but it's got some really nice antioxidants and ingredients that help protect your skin from free radicals. 

The tiniest bit goes a long way too. Only a pea-sized amount will do so this tube will last you for a while, unless you use it twice a day. This product cleans very well too. I always use makeup remover to take off my eye makeup first but I always use my cleanser over my eyes to make sure I've cleaned everything thoroughly. It doesn't make my skin feel dry or tight afterwards, just soft and clean. 

Overall, I'd say this is a very nice cleanser, but I don't think it's only for teenagers. I'm 24 and I enjoy it quite a bit. I like that it cleans my skin without making it feel tight and dry. It just feels like fresh, clean skin which I think is what everyone wants. I would repurchase this now that I know it's alot cheaper now than when I had previously bought it, but only after I use up what I have in my stash first!

Have any of you tried this cleanser before?


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