Monday, October 31, 2016

When Plans Don't Go As Planned

Hey guys! I know it's been quite a while since my last post, which was my letter to my future daughter. Well, who would've thought that she'd be born just 5 days later, a whopping 10 weeks early!

This is Miss Olivia about a week after she was born. I wasn't able to hold her for a while because she had so many wires attached to her and she had a tube down her throat helping her breathe. 

This is a more recent picture of her when she didn't need the cpap machine anymore, and nasal canulas were the replacement. She still had a feeding tube down her throat too, which she was always tugging at trying to take it out (she was successful quite a few times).

This was taken just a couple days ago. She sleeps EXACTLY like me, so I had to take this picture. Her feeding tube is now through her nose and they keep lowering the amount of oxygen she needs, which is fantastic. She's doing so much better considering her traumatic birth.

I don't think I mentioned her full name yet, and it's Olivia Penelope Curran. She is seriously the sweetest baby ever, even though she had a pretty rough start in life. We knew before she was born that she would have a heart condition that will require surgery, as well as Down Syndrome. She was 3 pounds, 10 ounces at birth, which I was told is a great weight for only being 30 weeks and 2 days along. She is finally just past her birth weight and is slowly getting bigger and stronger everyday. 

She has a very long road ahead of her, and will be in the NICU for quite a while. Sometimes plans definitely don't go as planned, and we were so scared at her being born 10 weeks early. I wanted to mention in this post that I have also set up a GoFundMe page for her. We luckily have good insurance that will cover everything medically, but between all the trips to the hospital and my husband still having to work 50-60 hours a week, we've been spending so much money on gas and food just to be able to see her, and we still need a ton of baby things since I had to cancel my baby shower. She will eventually be transferred to a better hospital for her surgery, but that hospital is well over an hour away from us. We won't be able to see her as often when she is transferred, and we want to try our best, but are starting to not be able to afford much. If anyone would like to donate anything or even just share her page, it would mean the world to us. The money donated will be going towards the baby supplies we'll need when she comes home, gas and food. Again, here is the link to her page. Any prayers and positive thoughts are more than welcome as well :)

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