Friday, February 12, 2016

Sultry Valentine's Day Makeup

Hi guys, and happy Friday! I'm sure you all know that Valentine's Day is only two days away. I'm honestly not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, and my husband and I don't do anything special. Why take a certain day to say "I Love You" when you can just say it everyday?! Anyway, this year, like every other year my husband and I have been together, we won't see each other most of the day. He has obligations for school, so that means I get to sit on the couch, by myself, possibly eating some chocolate and watching YouTube.... Ok, that will most definitely happen. I was playing around with makeup the other day and if you read this post here, you know I'm trying hard this year to pan theBalm's Nude'tude Palette. I decided to use it, and lo and behold, I really love how the look turned out and thought it would be perfect for a Valentine's date, or if you're like me, a date with my couch ;)

Shadows used from the Nude'tude palette:

- Sultry: as a transition through the crease
- Sexy: all over lid shade and blended on lower lashline.
- Silly: outer third of the lid and blended through the crease a bit
- Sassy & Stand-offish: Combined the two as a brow bone highlight and to blend out harsh lines. 

You have my husband to thank for the pictures here because I took probably close to 20 different pictures, and couldn't choose which ones I liked. Bless his heart, he helped me, and I think he did pretty good! The rest of my face is really easy too. I only have a bit of concealer under my eyes, around my nose and on my chin, powder to set the concealer, a rosy pink blush on the cheeks, and very natural lips. To finish the eyes, I tightlined both the upper and lower inner rims with a black eyeliner and then applied two generous coats of mascara. I wanted the eyes to be the main focus which is why I kept the rest of the look as simple as I could. This is pretty dramatic for me since I very rarely wear eyeliner, and I never put eyeshadow on my lower lashline. Otherwise, I think it turned out nicely!

Let me now what your plans are for Valentine's Day!

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