Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Review: Skin Daily Active Hydration Facial Moisturizer

*Disclosure* I was sent this product to review thanks to the brand and Tomoson. All opinions are 100% honest and my own, like always!

Hey everyone! with the colder weather making its way here to Eastern Pennsylvania, my skin can definitely tell it's time for more hydration. I was kindly given the chance to try out this Skin Daily Active Hydration Facial Moisturizer, and now it's time to share my thoughts. 

Here is a bit about the product, from Amazon: 

ANTI AGING FACIAL MOISTURIZER - Premium formula contains a powerful yet delicate blend of amino acids, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, MSM, rosehip oil, and multiple botanical antioxidants such as palm oil. Ingredients designed to repair, hydrate, and fortify skin cells for immediate moisture retention, and long term skin health. Skin Daily Active Hydration Moisturizer is the perfect "last step" in your daily anti-aging regime

MOISTURIZER WITH HYALURONIC ACID - Hyaluronic acid holds 1000 times its weight in water. Talk about skin hydration! No premium moisturizer would be complete without this "wonder ingredient"

AMINO ACIDS are essential to long term beautiful and more youthful looking (and feeling) skin. Amino acids are quite literally the building blocks that make up all protein, most importantly collagen. The amino acids found in Skin Daily Active Hydration Moisturizer are specifically formulated to give your skin the optimum amino acids needed to hydrate, repair, and regenerate your skin for remarkably younger looking skin

UNSCENTED FOR A REASON - Active Hydration Moisturizer is unscented for a very good reason. Artificial and even natural fragrances in your skincare products could be doing more harm than good. Sound research has shown the fragrance to be among the leading cause in skincare products for sensitizing and allergic reactions among users. The issues don't stop on the skins surface either. The reality is the chemicals in fragrances could be breaking down collagen under the skin with no immediate sign on the skins surface. The best performing skincare are almost always unscented for this very reason  

This moisturizer has been pretty amazing for my drier skin lately! One thing I absolutely love is that it's unscented. I mentioned before that my allergies have been going insane, especially with scents, so I definitely appreciate this not having any scent to it. Another thing I love is it has Hyaluronic Acid in it. If you know me, you know I love me some Hyaluronic Acid, whether it's in a moisturizer or serum. Even though I normally have oily skin, especially during the warmer months, it still gets pretty dehydrated, and that ingredient works wonders for me. I also should probably drink more water too! The pump bottle is easy to work with and one full pump is all you need for your entire face and neck. It blends into the skin nicely, but doesn't make me feel greasy. I love using this during the nighttime before bed when the skin can better repair itself. I also feel like you get a ton of product for the price as well. You get 3.4 ounces for just $19.97 here on Amazon. Overall, this is a very nice, lightweight but hydrating, inexpensive moisturizer for pretty much any skin type.

What moisturizer do you like using?

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