Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to Treat Your Body Skin: Body Washes

The skin on your body is typically very different from your facial skin. It's not as thin, most times it's drier, and you need different products to help take care of the rest of your body. There are many types of body washes to choose from. There are super creamy ones if you have really dry skin, shower gels if you don't have really dry skin, and then there's the old bar soap (which I think is so bad for your skin, but my fiance loves it). 

I love the super creamy body washes in the Fall, Winter, and very beginning of Spring as my skin gets pretty dry at that time. Now I haven't really found any higher end body washes that I like so I stick to my drugstore brands. I am totally obsessed with Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash. OMG, this stuff seriously means business when it comes to dry skin. It also has a light, clean scent that's not overpowering. That's especially good if you have a sensitivity to fragrances. I use this body wash with a washcloth and lightly scrub it over my skin for some light exfoliation. When I get out of the shower my skin is so soft and smooth and this is the only body wash that helps with those nasty red bumps on the back of my arms. Another nice one is Olay Body Wash plus Creme Ribbons. This one basically has a ribbon of lotion in it that makes your skin soft and it says it visibly improves your skin in 5 days.

Now with shower gels, I prefer higher end ones that aren't super expensive, but they're definitely not as inexpensive as drugstore brands. As with any person who loves the Philosophy brand, I am completely in love with their shower gels. When you put them on a washcloth, they lather up nicely, and they smell sooooooo good! Man, every time I've smelled a certain scent, it smells exactly like the name says. They are also a shampoo and bubble bath as well, which is pretty cool. some of my favorite scents are Cinnamon Buns, Coconut Frosting, Mimosa, and Senorita Margarita. They also have their seasonal scents that come out during Halloween and Christmas and other holidays and such. I love all the scents I've tried though. To me, Philosophy can't go wrong with their shower gels. Other shower gels I love are from The Body Shop. Their Satsuma Shower Gel is amazing. It smells just like a freshly peeled orange and all their gels are soap free and lather up so nicely. Other good scents are their Sweet Lemon and the Earth Lovers Cucumber & Mint shower gels. They also have body creams, which don't foam up a lot but they're very moisturizing and amazing as well, especially the Coconut and Shea shower creams. The coconut smells too flipping amazing.

Okay, so like I said in the beginning, I can't stand bar soaps. Every single one I've tried has dried out my skin terribly and I just don't like them. My fiance, however, is a big fan of them and pretty much refuses to use body wash, unless he ran out of bar soap and it's the absolute last thing he can use. He loves the Dove Unscented bar soap for Sensitive Skin. I'll admit, this makes his skin pretty darn soft, and the bugger never uses body lotion or cream and stays soft no matter what (lucky duck!). Also, since it's unscented, it doesn't have a harsh fragrance to it if you have a sensitivity to smells. I sometimes do, but only if a body wash or shower gel has such a fragrant smell to where it makes my nose itch, then I sneeze a lot. I know to stay away from any kind of product like that because it never does me any good, especially if I'm sneezing like a maniac.

Alright, I know there are so many different kinds of body washes and shower gels out there and honestly, try a lot if you can to see what you'll like most. Try a bunch of different scents too and see if they irritate you or if they smell amazing enough to make you re-buy it. I'll admit this, my closet outside the bathroom is stuffed with shower products from my body washes and shower gels, to all my scrubs and lotions. I probably won't have to buy anything for a year, that's how much I have. But hey, I'm a beauty junkie so I probably will anyways ;)


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