Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Review: Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Sugar Texturizing Spray

*Product sent for review. All opinions are my own, as always*
Salt sprays for your hair are all the rage, but a sugar spray? I had honestly never heard of them before, until I was given the chance to try the Sugar Texturizing Spray from the brand Number 4. 

Here is some info on the product from their website:  

Sugar Texturizing Spray denounces salt while heralding sugar in a declaration of sweet love for hair texture that is perfectly undone. Transform limp, lackluster strands into loose, touchably soft, “beach inspired” waves with a nourishing blend of sugar and flexible styling aids. Sugar Texturizing Spray aids in style defense against humidity to help build a long-lasting relationship with texture that’s more than just a summer fling. 

Sugar Texturizing Spray achieves hair texture through simple sugar cane molecules and flexible styling aids producing a lattice of soft structure and haphazard patterns of loose, shiny waves. Flex net resins help keep glossy texture intact despite unfavorable conditions of heat and humidity, while anti-static properties provide extra nourishment.

Directions say to lightly spray on damp or dry hair and style as desired. Then you can air dry or blow dry with a diffuser. 

Now, like I said above, I had never heard of a sugar texturizing spray. Any salt sprays I would use ended up drying out my hair so bad, that I had to use a crazy amount of conditioner just to make my hair feel good again. Therefore, I would never use salt sprays, because I like soft hair that's manageable and easy to work with.  

I find the Sugar Texturizing Spray to be an absolutely fantastic alternative to salt sprays! It hasn't made my hair feel any different texture wise once I wash again, and it doesn't make my hair feel crunchy like other texturizing sprays can.

The one thing I'm not a huge fan of is the scent. It has notes of Tonka Beans, Patchouli, and Spanish Moss. If you're a fan of these fragrances, then this will likely be a texturizing spray you'll enjoy. I can be very sensitive to certain scents, and depending on how my allergies are on certain days, I have to skip this. Otherwise, I'm a fan!

You can find the Sugar Texturizing Spray on the Number 4 website, as well as a whole bunch of other products for hair and body. 

What do you think of a sugar texturizing spray versus a salt spray?

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