Friday, September 2, 2016

September Goals

Hey guys! It sure has been a while! Life got a bit crazy here, and these pregnancy hormones are no joke. Since we're in yet another new month, I wanted to go over the goals I had for August, and the ones I want to set for this month. 

Lets see first what I wanted to accomplish in August:

- Straighten up the bedroom: YES! It's looking so much better now, but it still has a ways to go. With just the 2 of us living here the last 4 years, it's amazing how much junk accumulates. 

- Read 1 book: Sort of... I started one book and am about a quarter of the way through. I really need to just read, even if it's for just 10 minutes before bed, or during a face mask.

- Show my husband I appreciate him more: Absolutely! I've been showing him alot more how much I love and appreciate all he does for me and baby girl. My hormones have seriously been no joke and I can be a b*tch and take it out on him, which he doesn't deserve. The man works his butt off 50-60 hours a week, in the medical field mind you, just so we can make ends meet, so the least I can do is give him a big hug and kiss, and let him know how much I care. 

- Pick out a baby name: YES! So we have picked out baby girl's first and middle name, but I'm only going to be sharing her first name here, as we're keeping her middle name a secret from everyone in our lives until she is born. Her name will be Olivia :)

- Use up at least 10 beauty products: Eh, nope! I only used up a total of 7 products this month, which that empties post should be up next week sometime!

- Donate clothing/household items to Purple Heart: YES! We actually had them come out on the 26th and haul away 5 trash bags of things from clothing I couldn't sell, to DVD's and household items. It feels so good getting rid of stuff we no longer need or use!

So I think I did pretty well with my August goals! Here is what I want to do this month:

- Finish the 1 book I started. I know, that's stretching it for me, but I genuinely want to make an effort with this. 

- Go out on a date with my husband. He and I rarely go out and do things anymore. Mainly because of finances, but there also isn't much to do around my area unless you want to go to a bar or head down into Philly, both of which we're not fans of (plus being pregnant, I might get some stares at a bar!). So, since our wedding anniversary is this month, we decided to celebrate and at least go out for either breakfast or dinner. It'll probably be a breakfast date, since we both could eat breakfast foods, all day everyday!

- Donate more to Purple Heart. I am so hoping I can go through more stuff to get rid of, even if it's just a couple bags worth. I always feel amazing being able to give what I don't use anymore to a good cause. 

- Use up 10 beauty products. I failed August with this goal, but I'm so close to finishing a bunch of products, so I'm pretty confident I can do it this month! I had an original goal of using up a combined total of 250 products, but I'm nowhere near it and want to get as close as possible to it before baby Olivia arrives. 

That's all I'll be focusing on this month! I do still plan on working on getting the bedroom sorted out more, but it's getting harder as my belly more so I need to take my time on that one. What are some of your goals for this month? 

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