Saturday, June 4, 2016

May 2016 Empties

Hey everyone! As you know, I've been a bit MIA here on the blog. I mentioned in my May favorites that I'll be able to talk more about what's going on in my life, so stay tuned. I'll be updating in the next couple weeks or so! Anyway, May wasn't great in the empties department either. Like I've said already, I haven't been interested in makeup much, and taking care of my skin has taken a bit of a backseat as well. I did manage to use up more than I thought, so lets see what I have!

I'll start off with some skincare. I finally used up the Skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash that took me over two months to use up. This cleanser foams up like crazy even though it doesn't feel like it would. You only need a little bit to get the job done, and I used this in the morning. It helped to wake up my skin and prep it for the day. 

Next up is a konjac sponge. I don't know the brand, but it's your typical white konjac sponge, and I really liked it while it lasted. It started getting moldy in one spot, so I decided to toss it, even though I didn't use it for very long. 

I used up two lip balms. Yes, two! That never happens to me, but these tubes were pretty tiny. The first one is the Aquafina Flavor Splash in the Wild Berry scent. I loved this at night because it left my lips feeling nice and soft until morning. The second one is by Olive Natural Beauty and it's their Moisturizing Lip Balm in the Refreshing Rosemary scent. I didn't like this too much honestly. The hydration was fine, but I couldn't get past the smell and it kept making me nauseous. Luckily, I used this up within about a week and a half, so I didn't suffer too much. 

Next up is just a couple mini body washes. I absolutely loved the Dove Go Fresh Nutrium Moisture Body Wash in the scent Mandarin & Tiare Flower. Holy crap was this lovely! It smelled citrus-y and a bit flowery, but not over the top flowery. You all know I can't stand flowery smells. I'm very tempted to go and buy this in a full size, it's that good. 

The sceond mini body wash is the Bliss Lemon + Sage Soapy Sap Fresh Foaming Shower Gel. Absolutely loved the scent, but it didn't lather very well, so I used it up pretty quickly. 

Last few products are some random bath products. I finished two deodorants, one being the Dove ClearTone Deodorant and the second being the Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel in the scent Completely Clean. The Dove was nice, and the concept is that it's supposed to help with taking care of the darkness that some people get on their underarms. I didn't notice a difference in that area, but it kept me smelling nice and not sweaty. I did love the Secret Clinical Strength, and I was sent this in a little package a while ago. It's just a travel size that didn't have much use in it, but it's amazing and doesn't get white marks all over your clothes. 

Of course we can't forget about toothpaste! This is the Colgate Baking Soda & Peroxide Whitening Toothpaste in the Frosty Mint Stripe flavor. It was nice, did what I expect from a toothpaste, so I have no complaints. My husband helped use this up so it went pretty fast. 

Number of products used up: 9
Total for the year: 75

Yeah, I didn't do too well in May. I was hoping by now I'd have used up closer to 100 products. I'm sure you know by now, but this is the year of decluttering and using up what I have. I made the goal of using up 250 products, and that will include samples and mini sizes of products. I can't even begin to count how many samples alone I have. It's quite ridiculous actually. I have a long road ahead of me, and please bear with me until I can finally talk about what's going on with life!

What did you use up last month?

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