Friday, September 4, 2015

My Top 5 Favorite Fall Lipsticks!

Hey everyone! I'm so happy that Fall is almost here, and I'm really excited to be sharing with you today my favorite Fall lipsticks! What's even more exciting is that this post is a collab with with my friend Steph over at Warrior Makeup. I've known Steph since we were in elementary school, and she's so sweet and nice, so I'm happy to be doing this collab with someone I've known for nearly 20 years! 

First up is the Maybelline Color Whisper in the shade Berry Ready. When the Color Whispers first came out, I was pretty excited to try them. They're said to have pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel. I couldn't agree more with that statement! These are so soft feeling on the lips and just glide on effortlessly. This particular color, Berry Ready, is alot more pigmented than I thought it was going to be. When I originally purchased it, I thought it was going to be a very light berry color, but it really packs a punch. It can be sheered out as well, but I ended up liking how pigmented it looked with my fair skin, so I load it on. Unfortunately, I don't think Maybelline sells these anymore, which is a shame because the formula is incredibly hydrating. 

Now, when I think of Fall, going into Winter, I think of red lips. My all-time favorite red has got to be the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in the shade Standout. I've always had an incredibly hard time finding a red I liked because I'm super fair, but I have cool undertones. Looking for a red that didn't look orange on me was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Until Revlon brought out these Matte Balms. I had read reviews of this particular shade, and many had said it's a straight up neutral red that would look good on anyone. I took the chance and purchased it. This truly is a total neutral red. It doesn't have that yellowy orange tone, but there's no blue or purple either. It's completely neutral, and I'm in love. If they ever get rid of this shade or the Matte Balm line in general, I'll cry. Then I'd buy up all Standouts they have in stock.

This Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick on the shade Plum Velour is a newer edition to my collection. I have never owned a Revlon lipstick in the Super Lustrous line until I purchased this (and one other, which you'll see next!). This is a shine formula, which I'm assuming means it's a more sheer formula. I'm not complaining about that at all, because when I first tried it out, it was love at first swipe. I was amazed at how creamy it felt, and I like how the shade is a bit more of a muted plum color, and not as dark as it looks in the bullet. It's not very buildable color wise, but to me, that makes it easier to just swipe it on and go without having to think about it. 

This is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the iconic shade, Cherries In The Snow. I've heard about this shade for years and years, and everyone loves it. People have said that it's the "ultimate red," but I find this to have a fuschia/raspberry tone to it. If sheered out, it looks like you just came in from the cold or ate a cherry Popsicle. This particular lipstick will probably be my go-to red this year as it's in the creme formula and it feels incredibly hydrating on the lips. 

I had to go a little vampy for this post, and the lipstick here is Bite Beauty's limited edition Matte Creme Lipstick in the shade Elderberry. This is from their Frozen Berries collection and is described as a deep purple shade. I personally really love this color, but it takes some time to work with, so patience is required. I recommend exfoliating your lips well, then applying a lip balm that's kinda waxy feeling as it'll act as a primer. I'm not a fan of lip liners, but it might be a good idea to use one with this or other shades like it. Playing with different looks to go with this lipstick is going to be pretty fun, but trying to not look more like a vampire is gonna be interesting. 

Those are my favorite lipsticks for Fall! I'd use these shades all throughout Winter as well, since they all would work. As you can tell, my love for Revlon is pretty strong right now. Also, make sure to check out Steph's post here, and follow her everywhere! 

What are your favorite lipsticks or lip colors for the Fall time?

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