Monday, July 20, 2015

Review: Colourpop Lippie Stix in Juicy & Go Fish

Hey guys! Today's review is going to be of the two Colourpop Lippie Stix I own in the shades Juicy and Go Fish. I purchased these along with a couple other products a little while ago and realized I never reviewed them. Stick around and see if I liked these lip products!

There's no description of these Lippie Stix on the Colourpop site, but they're basically just lipsticks that come in a twist-up container and they come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. The finishes on these two I have a called Hyper-Glossy. 

When I was looking at these two colors online, their pictures looked different. In person, they look so similar and you really have to look to see the differences. In the picture, Juicy is on the left, and Go Fish is on the right. When I got these in the mail, I was a bit disappointed at first, but on my lips and in swatches they do look a bit different. 

Lip swatch of Juicy, which is described as a bright strawberry pink shade. 

Lip swatch if Go Fish, which is described as a vibrant coral red. 

You can definitely tell in these swatches that Juicy is alot more pink than Go Fish. I have to say, I absolutely love how these feel on the lips! They're so soft and moisturizing, and while they go on a little patchy at first, they're easy to work with and blend. Since these are a glossy finish, the wear time isn't the greatest. Once you decide to eat or dink something, it's pretty much gone. I also think these shades go nicely with my fair skin. You get a somewhat decent amount of product at 1.0 grams, or 0.0352 ounces. The great thing about these Lippie Stix is they only cost $5. Yes, just $5! I'm blown away at the price of these because the quality is pretty nice for the price. Do I want more of these? Eh, maybe. I do want to get the Lumiere shade that Kathleen Lights came out with, but that's it really. I'm not overly picky with my lip products and like to try out all different kinds. I used to be strictly a lipgloss girl, so the fact that I'm branching out to lipsticks (and liking them!) is pretty nuts for me. 

You can find these Lippie Stix on the Colourpop website, and it's saying on the site that they now ship to Canada, Australia and New Zealand, which is pretty neat!

Have you tried any Lippie Stix? If so, what shades do you like?

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