Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Review: Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Hello everyone! I promised a review of the new-ish Tarte Tartelette palette, which I've really been enjoying lately. I don't think I've been this excited about matte eyeshadows in a really long time. 

The packaging of this palette is really pretty, but it's such a pain in the butt for me to open! It's got a snap closure and I wish it had a magnetic closure instead or a snap that's easier to get open. I always end up breaking off a little bit of my nail busting into this palette. Other than that, it's pretty sturdy and I'm pretty sure it's plastic but I'm honestly not the best with figuring out materials.

Taken from the Sephora website:

What it is:
An all-matte palette with 12 exclusive eye shadows.

What it does:
By popular demand, tarte is introducing an all-matte shadow palette featuring 12 never-before-seen shades to inspire, celebrate, and empower real women. As beautifully diverse as the brand’s loyal fans, this sleek, statement palette features tarte’s signature Amazonian clay-infused, long-wear eye shadows in a mix of liner, lid, and crease shadow shades. The palette also includes a step-by-step guide for creating smoldering, versatile looks that take you from daytime to playtime. 

-Amazonian Clay: Nature’s most perfect ingredient for better, longer, truer wear.
-Vitamin E: Acts as a natural preservative and soothing emollient and antioxidant.
-Mineral Pigments: Soothe and soften skin.  

Top to bottom: Free Spirit, Force of Nature, Dreamer, Multi-tasker
- Free Spirit: Cream
- Force of Nature: Nude
- Dreamer: Warm brown
- Multi-tasker: Chocolate

Caregiver, Natural Beauty, Best Friend, Bombshell
- Caregiver: Pale pink
- Natural Beauty: Mauve
- Best Friend: Mulberry
- Bombshell: Dark Plum

Super Mom, Wanderer, Power Player, Fashionista
- Super Mom: Ivory
- Wanderer: Light Brown
- Power Player: Taupe
- Fashionista: Black

Overall, this palette is amazing for me! I love all the different looks you can come up with and the colors look good with just about anyone, but especially for people with brown, green or hazel eyes. Alot of the colors do look very similar when swatched, but I can telll a difference when they're on my lids. The palette also comes with a little guide with different looks. I feel like these shadows are soft, buttery and easy to use but they're not too soft where there is fallout everywhere or they just get muddy looking. You can do so many easy, everyday looks and you can definitely smoke it out with the darker colors(which I have yet to try). These shadows last all day for me as long as I use a good primer. I do have oily eyelids, so I always have to use primer or my shadow creases withing a couple hours. I purchased mine at Ulta, but you can get it at Sephora as well. This does cost $44, which is pricey, but I feel it's worth it. The size of the pans are generous and you get 12 shades which equals to just over $3.50 per shadow. I recommend this palette if you want more matte options than your typical neutrals like the Urban Decay Naked Basics. 

Have you tried this palette? What do you think of it?


  1. I think we have similar skin tones, so I really liked seeing those swatches on you! I think this palette is kind of rosy, like the Naked 3, so it probably would make green eyes stand out like crazy!

    Thanks for sharing, Katy!


    1. Not a problem! This palette really makes what little green I have in my eyes stand out more :)


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