Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Eyehadow Palette

Hey everyone! Today's review is going to be of a palette that I got during the holidays, and it's the Anastasia Tamanna Palette. I've been giving this a good testing out and I'm finally ready to share my thoughts. 

Taken from the Anastasia website, this palette is:

The perfect fall and holiday palette designed in collaboration with makeup artist Tamanna Roashan, @dressyourface.

This collection of versatile shadows constitutes Tamanna’s “must have” shades to achieve her most requested looks on any skin tone. The combination of warm and cool tones combine to create anything from smokey eyes to intricate cut creases, all from a single palette. Specially formulated, high-impact pigments in rich neutrals and shimmering jewel tones go on smoothly and eliminate the need for overbuilding when applying. 

I have to say how much I love the packaging! I think the design is gorgeous, even though it's made of cardboard. The lid is magnetized well, so it's good for travel and the colors inside are so beautiful! It comes with a nice sized mirror as well, which definitely comes in handy.

You get 10 gorgeous colors which to me are prefect for the Fall season, but you can wear these anytime really, there are no rules! Like the description above says, there are a good mix of warm and cool tones that will look good on alot of different people. I'm super fair and I can work with pretty much every color here. 

Fresh, Blush, Venezia, Gilded, Custom
Sangria, Bengal, Chocolate, China Rose, Noir
As you can tell from the first picture, the color Fresh is basically my skintone, so I'm sorry if you can't see it too well. I tried to get a heavier swatch, but I'm just super pale. The colors Venezia and Custom are a bit disappointing, only because I feel the swatches of all the other colors are amazing. Custom in person is just so gorgeous and looks great on the eye, but it just doesn't swatch as well. Can we talk about Sangria?! I love burgundy colors with a passion and when I swatched this, I almost cried tears of joy with how beautiful it is. Love, love, love! Bengal is your transition/crease shade and you can't go wrong with Noir. I think every palette should have a good black shade to work with, and this one is pigmented out the wazoo! You definitely need a light hand with this one. It does come with a double-ended brush, but I have not used it. It is soft though and seems like it's decent quality.

Overall, I think this is a great palette. I bought it when it was still available on the Sephora site for $29, but I did find it on the Macys website, if you want to check it out! If you do want it, don't look on Amazon because I see them going for over $50 and that's just insane. Now Anastasia recently came out with single eyeshadows, and you can find them on her website here. From what I saw there, you can find every shadow in this palette aside from Sangria, Blush, Venezia and Gilded in the single form. I have heard that she's having a hard time keeping shades in stock, so maybe she does have those colors, but they're not in stock right now. I think these shadows are really nice though and if you can find this palette or her other ones, definitely get them, but not for $50 ;)

Have you tried Anastasia eyeshadow palettes? If so/not, what do you think of them?

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  1. I haven't tried their eye shadows or anything by them but I am impressed with the pigmentation of the shadows, just beautiful!

    1. They're pretty good aside from the few I mentioned! I have tried her brow gel before and that stuff is pretty great. I am tempted to try more!

  2. I swatched this palette so many times, but never indulged in it. The color scheme is so beautiful and the packaging is amazing.

    1. The packaging is so beautiful! I wish I had tried some of her other palettes. Maybe she'll come out with more


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