Saturday, March 1, 2014

Blog Sale Time!

Hey everyone! I know it's been ages again since I've posted anything. The weather here still stinks and life has been getting in the way again. I just wanted to write up a quick post today letting you all know I'm doing a blog sale! I have it posted here and there's also a tab above that you can click on as well to see everything.

Also, I'm not sure if anyone would be interested, but I'm trying to reorganize everything in my house and get rid of some of my Coach bags. I was thinking of trying to list them on Ebay, but wanted to ask here if anyone would like me to post them on a blog sale first? Let me know in the comments if that's something you'd like to see!

Thank you all for supporting this little blog of mine! :)

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  1. Blog sale!


Thank you for all your comments! I'll reply back as soon as I can :)