Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Review: Green Goo Foaming Hand Soap, Healing Bar & Castile Soap

 *Products sent for review purposes*
Natural products are not typically something I use on a regular basis, so when I got the chance to try out a few items from Green Goo, I was intrigued. I got to try a Foaming Hand Soap, Healing Bar and Castile Soap. 

The hand soap is said to "envelope your hands in a cloud of rich nourishing foam that enchants your senses while washing away bacteria and dirt, restoring your hands to feeling luxuriously clean." The healing bar "ensures a creamy, extra gentle, and long lasting bar that is guaranteed to brighten your spirits." Most of their soaps are also gluten free, with the exception of some that include oats and bran. Their castile soap "can be used as dish soap, laundry detergent, stain remover, all-purpose cleaner, shower soap, bubble bath, and even pet shampoo." You can find their products on their website here

Out of the three products I tried, I love their hand soap the most. I received the Lemongrass Zinger scent, and love it for use in the kitchen. It's very invigorating and I get compliments from visitors when they use it. It cleans my hands and also rinses off well. The scent hangs around a little, but it's not overpowering. I'm not the biggest fan of bar soaps, but I like using the Lavender & Comfrey soap at night when I'm super tired and really need to get some good sleep. Lavender always helps me relax when I need it. I'm always amazed at how castile soap has so many uses, and I like using the lavender scent I received as a makeup brush cleaner. It gets my brushes squeaky clean, and leaves a nice calming scent, but doesn't irritate my skin when the brushes are used. 

Their prices are a little high, but typical for natural products. The hand soaps are around $9, bar soaps are around $8, and castile soaps start around $5 and go up depending on the size you get. 

Have you tried anything from Green Goo before?

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