Monday, February 2, 2015

January 2015 Favorites

Hey guys! It's the first favorites post of the new year and to be honest, I either didn't wear much makeup or when I did, it was usually something different everytime. There were a few products that stood out to me, so lets see what I loved in January!

My first favorite is the Origins A Perfect World SPF 25 Age-Defense Moisturizer with White Tea. I recently ran out of the moisturizer I use in the mornings, went through my stash of skincare, saw this, and put it in my bathroom cabinet. I've absolutely been loving how this makes my skin feel. Since we're in the middle of Winter, my skin is drier than the desert, so I've been needing help. This moisturizer has helped to plump up my skin and make it feel really soft and hydrated. I really love the smell of it too. It's kinda herbally, but not over the top. I love that it has SPF so I don't need an extra one over the top. Great stuff here!

Next up, I've really been enjoying the BeautyBlender liquid BlenderCleanser to clean my BeautyBlenders and the Real Techniques Sponge. This actually does a great job at cleaning those sponges, but I do clean them after every use. I have heard reviews that this isn't that great, but I have a feeling people wait too long to clean them, so they don't get as clean. This smells like lavender too, so it's nice and relaxing. I don't mind cleaning my blending sponges/makeup brushes anyway, but I think this product makes it more fun.

Essence is a brand that I haven't really dipped my toes into, and I've had this Silky Touch Blush in the shade 10 Adorable for quite a while. I had never used this blush until January and I used it pretty much every single time I wore makeup. It definitely has a silky feel to it, and it's such a pretty shade of pink for my fair skin. I don't remember how much this was, but I got it at Ulta and I *think* it may have only been about $3. Not too bad for a pretty blush that blends well like higher priced blushes!

My last two favorites are the Bite Beauty Lipglosses in the shades Two and Four. I got these in the Rose Deconstructed lipgloss set quite a while ago, and I gotta say, these glosses are just awesome! They are a bit on the sticky side, but it's not bad at all. The shades are all gorgeous, but these were the two I reached for most. I have the urge to buy full sizes of their glosses, but I can't really justify buying any right now since I have so many.

What were some of your favorites from January?

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