Friday, November 7, 2014

My first Memebox! #45 Chocolate Mania

Hey guys! I have an exciting post today, because I received my very first Memebox in the mail earlier this week! I've been hearing so many amazing things about this box all over YouTube, so I decided to take the plunge and buy one. 

Memebox is the #1 Korean online beauty retailer in the world and they ship to 51 different countries internationally. Shipping does take quite a while. I ordered this box around the middle of September and it shipped out October 24th. Estimated shipping time is 10-20 days, so from October 24th to just earlier this week isn't too bad, especially since it came from Korea. There are so many different boxes to choose from, yet they do seem to sell out quickly. They also do sell products individually as well! The price point is very fair considering you receive 4 to 8 full sized products and deluxe samples. This particular box cost $23 and shipping was $6.99, but a YouTuber had a $5 off code I was able to use. I also have to say, the pink box is just too adorable! I love the color and I may actually keep it and find some use for it!

Here are all the chocolate inspired products in all their glory! As you can tell from the title of this post, I received box #45 and it's called Chocolate Mania. If you know me, you know I'm pretty much a chocolate freak. Once I opened the box, I immediately had to do a sniff test, because I'm weird like that. Here is a closer look of the products. 

The first product at the very top is the Zamian Super Gold Cacao Pack. This is a full sized product and retails for $22, so that right there almost covers the box! I kid you not, this stuff smells like rich, chocolatey cake batter. I could really sit here all day and sniff it. Anyways, this is basically a mask to smooth, firm and nourish the skin. I have to look at the card everything is on because directions and whatnot are all in Korean, and I don't know Korean at all. I'll also say now that every product in this box is full sized! 

The second product is Skinfood Cacao Hand Balm and this retails for $5. This product doesn't smell as chocolatey as the mask, but it's still nice! I haven't tried this yet, but with the dry skin I've been having, I'm sure this will be put to use soon enough. This hand balm looks so thick too, so I have hopes that it's super hydrating. 

The last product pictured here is the Neogen Code9 Gold Cacao Cream. This baby retails for $30! Now this product actually doesn't smell chocolatey at all, more floral if anything. The key ingredients in this are gold, cacao seed butter, mango seed butter, shea butter and olive oil. I can tell just by those ingredients that this will be a Winter only moisturizer, as I'm pretty oily throughout most of the year.

The product pictured at the top is the Binucook Cacao Choco Pie Soap and it retails for $6. Even though this is packaged well, the smell of cake batter is amazingly strong and I just love it. At first I thought this was bar soap you use for your body, but it is actually a facial soap that deep cleans but also maintains skin's moisture/oil balance.

Beneath that product is the Dearberry Miss Mona Lisa Eyebrow pencil in the shade 01 Choco Brownie, which retails for $2. This comes with a spoolie brush on the other side, which is definitely handy. I've never tried eyebrow pencils before, and I think if I use a light hand with it, the color should be fine. It's not overly brown which is nice too.

The next product I got is the Purederm Choco Cacao Collagen Mask and it retails for $2. I've tried sheet masks in the past and haven't had much luck with them because of the holes being too small for the eyes, or they just don't line up properly. I will try this though since it has high concentrates of cacao and collagen extracts, which is good for moisture.

Next up is the Missha Cacao & Cream Facial Scrub which retails for $12. This scrub looks like cookies and cream ice cream, but only has a faint smell of sweetness. This scrub is supposed to get rid of dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads while still maintaining skin's moisture level.

Last but not least, we have the Shara Shara Tempting Avocado Chocolate Massage Cream, which retails for $11. I thought this was also a body massage product, but it's for your face! I always loved getting facials when they did a facial massage. It's incredibly relaxing and now I'm excited to do it more with this product. My mother-in-law now wants a facial from me too!

Well that's everything I received in my first Memebox! I'm so impressed and the total value of this box is $90! I paid only $24.99! I also love how this is basically all skincare, since I'm a skincare junkie. Before I even got this in the mail, I did order another box, but that won't ship out til the end of this month. I also decided to sign up with them as an affiliate, that's how impressed I am! If you want to sign up with Memebox, use my link here! Like I said above, there are so many boxes to choose from, and prices are great too.

Have you tried Memebox before? If so/not, what do you think of it?


  1. I see everyone posting about these boxes, maybe since youre impressed I should give it a whirl!

    1. It's such an awesome box for the price you pay!

  2. this box is totally amazing. I am a choco-holic and I love chocolate-scented products. I get easily overwhelmed every time when I go on Memebox website but you have me convinced that I need to try :)

    1. Glad I could be of assistance! :)

      It is a bit overwhelming on the site, but I think any box will be good. I'm truly really impressed!


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