Thursday, June 19, 2014

The I Suck At Spending Bans Haul

As you can probably tell by the title of this post, I failed horribly with my spending ban and bought alot of some things. Anyways, I made purchases from Sephora, Amazon, two from Walgreen's and Victoria's Secret. Lets see what trouble I got into!

I'll start off with Sephora. I had made this purchase when Ebates, a site that gives you cash back to your Paypal account, was having their 15th anniversary. Certain websites had 15% cash back and Sephora was one of them. I was looking through all the new skincare on the site and came across the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Mask. It's supposed to be a deep cleaning mask, but you only leave it on for 1 minute. I was intrigued with how it works in just a minute, so in my shopping cart it went. This costs $25 so hopefully it works well.

Last thing from Sephora is a 4 pack of Clarisonic Sensitive Brush Heads. I had never seen a 4 pack before and at $75 for the package, I wasn't sure if I wanted to get this because of the steep price. Buying just one brush head costs $27. I remember it used to be $25, but I guess the price went up since I last purchased some. If I bought three individual brush heads, I'd be spending $81. After I did all the math, I figured buying the 4 pack was way better because I'm basically getting one free! Also, I don't use my Clarisonic everyday, maybe three times a week. They recommend changing out the brush head every three months, but I'm assuming that's with daily use. So, for me personally, I'll change mine out every 5-ish months. This package will last me quite a while, plus I did find other backups in my closet! Oops :)

Next up we have one lone little product I purchased from Amazon. This may be a weird product, but I have a short story. I hate shaving, plain and simple. I always cut myself and usually have irritation from shaving, especially on my underarms, which is where this product comes in handy! It's the Nads gel in the Sangria Punch Scent. I had used the original Nads years and years ago, and was typically pleased with the results. I haven't used this yet, as I found a backup of what I used to use in my closet, but I really like this stuff. It's not really a wax, more of a sugaring gel that you can warm up a bit, and use a muslin cloth to remove hair. It does hurt when you rip out the hair, but I don't have any irritation from this and hair regrowth is alot lighter and sparser. 

Next up is Walgreen's! When I heard that their clearance sale was starting, I definitely wanted to see what they had marked down. I went early on in the sale, so I didn't see much in my store. Covergirl had alot of markdowns and I went a little mascara crazy, like I normally do. The one in the red tube is called the Professional Super Thick Lash in the Very Black color. The one on the blue tube is called the Professional All-In-One also in the Very Black color. These babies only cost me $2.99 each and the lady ringing me up scanned a $2 off coupon for buying two Covergirl mascaras. The last mascara I found marked down was the Exacteyelights Eye Brightening Mascara in the color Black Pearl. This mascara is meant for brown eyes, and mine are a hazel, a mix of brown and green This mascara cost me $4.89. 

The Covergirl Clean Sensitive Skin Pressed Powders were all marked down and I was able to find a decent shade match with Creamy Natural. This cost me $4.19. I've never tried Covergirl powders before so I hope I like this. 

The last product from this shopping trip is the Milani Baked Blush in the shade Corallina. I have only one other baked blush by Milani in Dolce Pink, which I really love. I haven't tried this one yet, but it looks really pretty in the packaging!

Now this is my most recent Walgreen's purchase. I had heard that they were marking down some of the Maybelline Color Tattoos and I figured I should get what I wanted while they were still on the shelves at a lower price. I guess they're getting rid of some colors to make room for new ones? Who knows, but I ended up buying Pomegranate Punk, Gold Rush and Audacious Asphalt. These were on sale for $3.49 plus I had a $1 off coupon on each of them, so $2.49 for each is not too shabby. 

I also noticed when I was there that quite a few of the Color Whispers were marked down to $3.79 each so I picked up Who Wore It Red-er and Mad For Magenta. I already have a couple of these and really like them alot. I'm glad I found more at a good price!

Victoria's Secret was having their Semi Annual Sale and all of their makeup was 50% off. I read somewhere that VS is no longer going to be carrying makeup, which is kind of a bummer because they have some nice products. I ended up with two Metallized Eyeshadows, the first being Petal to the Metal and the second one is called Gold Card. I have some of their other eyeshadows and I really do like them. These only cost me $6 each so that wasn't too bad. 

Well that's my haul! I did do some damage, especially at Sephora but hey, a girl loves her beauty products! What did you purchase recently?


  1. I love the title of this post I also have the Melani baked blushes and they are really good Coralina is a great shade

  2. It sounds like you got some amazing deals! I have seen that Tattoo You eyeshadow and have been wanting to try it. It cost almost $8 here so I haven't yet. I am going to go to Walgreen's to see if ours are marked down too. For $2 and change, I would certainly give it a try then!

    1. The Color Tattoos are awesome! Give them a try!


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