Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Urban Decay Palette Collection

Hey guys! I thought today would be a good day to show you all the awesome palettes I have from Urban Decay! It's snowing like a mofo outside right now, so I'm not leaving my house for a while! I should also say that I'm not bragging with this post or anything, I'm just a major fan of Urban Decay. They're probably my favorite brand for eyeshadows, and I'm proud of how my collection has grown over the years. Let me show you what I have!

First, we'll start off with the coveted Naked Palettes. I have all three and they're all wonderful! I think my favorite is the second one followed closely by the third. I do like the first, but they're much warmer colors so they're hard to suit my fair skin.

Next up we have the Vice and Vice 2 Palettes. My dad got me the first one last year around this time and I purchased the second one as soon as it was available. Love both and created a bunch of looks that I posted on here!

These next two go way back! I don't even remember when I got them. We have the Get Baked Palette and the Sustainable Shadow Box Palette. If I remember correctly, the Sustainable Shadow Box was my very first palette from Urban Decay. I haven't used it in so long though, but I do occasionally pull out the Get Baked Palette.

This one is the Book of Shadows Vol. IV. I love this palette! It came with a Primer Potion, mascara and eyeliner and I just love it! There are great shadows for neutral looks or you can go a bit dramatic. 

This is the 15th Anniversary Palette. I still love this palette a ton and pull it out once in a while. I actually used this palette on Halloween at work because we were allowed to dress up. I went to work as an 80s style bunny. I wore these bright pink leggings with a band t-shirt and bunny ears and bright eyeshadow. It was a fun look!

Top left is the Dangerous Palette. I think I only used this once, but looking at it again makes me want to use it more! Next to that palette is the Ammo Palette in the old packaging. This is a newer palette to my collection as I purchased it on clearance from Sephora. I haven't used this yet either but the colors are great! Then there's my beloved Naked Basics Palette! I use this palette with almost every look I do, whether it just be for a crease color or highlight. 

These two palettes are both Feminine Palettes. The top one is the older one and the bottom one is newer with different colors. The bottom one also came with one of their lip glosses.

Finally we have the Anarchy Face Case, The newest edition to my collection. This is a great little palette! I love the lip product that comes in it as well and have worn it quite a few times since I purchased this.

Well, those are all my Urban Decay palettes! I did reviews on some so check those out, but if you want a review and swatches on something else, let me know! What is your favorite UD palette?


  1. Holy Buckets that is some major Urban Decay love! I am slowly growing my collection with them.


    1. What can I say? They're the best!

  2. That's a lot of UD palettes! I can't blame you though... they have great products! =)

    Vice 2 is my favorite palette.

    1. Yes they do! I'd love to get more when my budget allows it ;)

  3. You must really love Urban Decay haha. I don't own anything from this brand but I like the look of the latest Naked palette.


    1. Haha I do love Urban Decay very much!


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